Change Of Heart Truth Or Dare Escape Music
Produced By: Steve Morris & Steve Overland

Running Time: 53.43

Release Date: November 7


Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 88%
British AOR group Change Of Heart don't do anything we haven't already heard before, but it has been sometime since I have heard an album of really good British styled AOR such as this and that fact, coupled with some strong songwriting makes this an album well worth owning.
This is pure British AOR in the vein of Heartland and FM. It doesn't pretend to be anything other than a slice of old school 80's melodic rock and I think fans of this genre will welcome such a release in a year dominated by metal.
Although driven by a retro 80s sound, the production is in keeping with what we expect of today's releases.
For me the album really kicks into gear with the third track of the album, which funnily enough, is a super ballad. That's not to take anything away from the heavier than usual sound of the opening rocker Burned, or the urgent tempo of Farlands. I just think that everything the sound and song quality falls into place perfectly for the big ballad Desperate Heart. A tighter sound, a huge chorus and an emotional punch that really connects greets the listener and from here on, it only gets better.
The uptempo feel good rocker Hold On is one of the band's best tracks to date; Truth Or Dare has a further touch of urgency in its delivery; Taking My Time is reminiscent of Chris Ousey and Keep On Believing is a very pleasant melodic rocker with a prominent piano role.
The album closes with an uptempo rock ballad, helped by a passionate delivery and some classy guitar and piano passages.
At least, I thought the album closed with that last track! One final unlisted track (Higher Than Love) stands out as an album highlight and will I imagine be a favourite among fans.
On occasion a repetitive symbol sound raises its head, but that is only a small complaint.
The addition of FM's Pete Jupp on drums and Steve Overland on backing vocals is a winning formula that can only place this release further up the must purchase lists.
The Bottom Line
The band hasn't really changed the formula or style from their first two albums but they have done it even better. I said then that Change Of Heart were prime mid-80's style commercial AOR and the same applies today.
The harmonies throughout are superb and the equal mix of keyboards and guitars, coupled with some passionate vocals make this album a winner for lovers of traditional AOR.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Change Of Heart
Truth Or Dare

Line Up:
Alan Clark: Vocals, Bass
John Footit: Guitars
Steve Morris: Acoustic Guitars
Pete Jupp: Drums
Steve Overland: Backing Vocals
Dave Chapman: Keyboards

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British AOR
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Track Listing
Desperate Heart *
Hold On *
Falling From The World
Truth Or Dare *
Don't Cross The Line
Taking My Time
Keep On Believing *
I Will Remember You
Never Fall

-- *Best Tracks

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