Cauterize So Far From Real Wind-Up
· Produced By: Murray Daigle

· Running Time: 41.11

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: NA

· Musical Style: Modern Rock / Nu-Breed

· Links: Cauterize
Songs: 90%
Sound: 96%
Canadian band Toe signed to modern rock label Wind-Up and changed their name to Cauterize for this, their debut album. But it's not you see…Toe recorded an indie album with the title The Moment I Cauterize, which many of the songs there were re-recorded for this album, with producer Murray Daigle at the helm. Murray of course is well known to us melodic heads as a member of Emerald Rain.
But to the album at hand – So Far From Real, which just happens to be one of the very best modern rock records of 2003!
This is right up there with Waltham for having a great nu-breed inspired modern rock sound, but with more than enough hooks and melodies present to impress most traditional melodic rock fans.
This is a truly high-energy release, with every one of the album's 11 tracks filled to the brim with in your face guitar riffs, massive vocals and highly memorable songs.
The key to Cauterize's songs is the layers of instrumentation and the melodies, which become more familiar with every listen, but somehow there's always something new to discover each time it's played.
With a flurry of guitars and high pitched vocal Something Beautiful opens the album. The hooks are everywhere and the guitar riffs seem to be everywhere, with new layers unfolding each listen. The chorus is a monster, with the punky attitude of the vocal delivery dropping away to a soft and sweet mid-song break before launching back into the full on assault of the chorus. More hooks and harmonies come to light right at the end of the song. It's hard to believe it's all fitted into 3 minutes 22.
If You Go is even more in your face and after running through a hook filled verse features another monster chorus and some fine guitar riffs.
My Everything has a darker tone and a guitar riff. The whole song is sonically heavier, with a sparse verse that builds as the song goes, adding layers of harmonies and then there's that chorus. Immense and driven by a wall of guitars. Johnny Lima meets SR-71 on acid. Huge!
Killing Me starts softly but soon bursts to life with an angst filled verse and bam – another monster chorus with a huge hook and sonic blast to the ears.
But that's just the opening 4 tracks – elsewhere the quality continues and the bombardment to the sense continues. Highlights include the moody Still Breathing, the anthemic hard rocker Choke, the furious Shooting Stars and the closing track Shine – a heavy, but melodic feel good rocker.
The Bottom Line
The band has the energy of old school Motley Crue, the sound of fellow modern rockers SR-71 (in the style of the Tomorrow album, but with better songs) and Waltham and vocalist Jesse Smith has the pitch and attitude of Johnny Lima.
Although it takes a few listens, the album contains great variety within the songs and the delivery of them. Additionally, the album has that 3 minute power-rock song feel of recent Harem Scarem.
The combination of all of the above makes for very appealing listening, especially if you love it loud and enjoy melodic rock with a modern edge. Highly recommended.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Toe - The Moment I Cauterize
· So Far From Real

Line Up
· Jesse Smith: Vocals, Guitars
· Josh Slater: Guitar, Vocals
· Matt Worobec: Drums
· Jason Bone: Bass, Vocals

Essential for fans of:
· SR-71 - Tomorrow
· Waltham - Permission To Build
· Johnny Lima - Shine On
Track Listing
· Something Beautiful*
· If You Go*
· My Everything*
· Killing Me*
· Taste of Tears
· Still Breathing
· I'll Cry Tomorrow
· Choke
· Promise Me
· Shooting Stars
· Shine*
--*Best Tracks

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