Cage Hell Destroyer MTM Music
Produced By: Richard Carr

Running Time: 76.01

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Heavy Metal

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 92%
I occasionally get comments along the lines of people expressing their surprise that I speak so enthusiastically about certain releases outside the usual sphere of what my tastes are perceived to include.
Sure, I have my favourites and preferences for what I would prefer to listen to the majority of the time. But while I grew up listening to Rick Springfield, John Waite and Toto, I still had time for the likes of Racer X, TNT and even some Iron Maiden. And that is why I really dig Cage.
The expansion of the metal scene in recent years and this site covering a lot of that has helped expand my personal tastes even further and to me these guys are the real deal authentic American metal. Completely old school approach in the classic Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Megadeth vein.
Cage broke out of their shell with a confronting and in your face release Darker Than Black. If that release put them on the map, then Hell Destroyer should be enough to create their own county.
This is super intense stuff belligerently hammering your senses with riff after riff and a tempo that would give Richard Simmons a heart attack. What I like about vocalist Sean Peak is that he doesn't scream his way through the album, yet when he does howl, Rob Halford would be proud.
Hell Destroyer is simply brutal and a true metal warrior. I Am The King is a little more restrained before Christhammer goes right over the top.
Other highlights include the theatric Iron Maiden styled Rise Of The Beast; the rifftastic From Death To Legend and Beyond The Apocalypse; and Fall Of The Angels, which I guess is as close to a slow track as these guys are ever going to get!
The Bottom Line
The score reflects the quality. It isn't an album for the feint-hearted or more melodically minded. But for metal and shred fans these guys really are building a sizeable musical legacy to be proud of. And full credit to all involved for one of the best CD packages of the year. The artwork is stunning and the think booklet is filled with more images and a storyline and full lyrics to what is a complex and detailed good vs evil story.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Darker Than Black
Hell Destroyer

Line Up:
Sean Robert Livingston Peck: Vocals
Dave Garcia, Anthony Wayne McGinnis: Guitars
Mikey Niel: Drums
Mike Giordano: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Cage - Darker Than Black
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Track Listing
Hell Destroyer *
I Am The King
Christ Hammer *
Born In Blood
Rise Of The Beast *
Bohemian Grove
From Death To Legend *
Legion Of Demons
Fall Of The Angels
Fire And Metal
Beyond The Apocalypse *
Metal Devil
King Diamond

--*Best Tracks

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