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Butch Walker Left Of The Self Centred Arista Records
Track Listing
Rock Vocal Power
My Way (1)
Suburbia (2)
Trouble (5)
Alicia Amnesia (3)
Sober (4)
Into The Black
Get Down
Far Away From Close
San Fernando Sex Star
If (Jeannie's Song)
Take Tomorrow

(*) Best Tracks

Album Details
Produced By: Butch Walker
Running Time: 46.09
Release Date: Out Now
Released: US
Genre: Nu-Breed
WebLink: Butch Walker
LabelLink: Arista

Discography & (Rank)
Southgang (4)
Math & Other Problems (5)
Hey Album (3)
Ready Sex Go (2)
Left Of Self Centered (1)

Discography / Compilations

It's a well know fact that Butch Walker is God.
I am certainly not going to argue with those that worship the singer/songwriter.
In fact, I am only going to agree with the converted and try and convert a few more to the man's charms.
Butch is of course the lead singer of the now split Marvelous 3 and before that Southgang.
M3 put out two albums both critically praised, but short on sales.
All the fans have an opinion on which album is better.
Personally, I think Butch gets better with every release.
I like Hey Album better than Southgang. I liked Ready Sex Go better than Hey Album. I like this even better than all of them!
For me, this is the best Butch Walker related release to date.
Just about every track is a killer and Butch's observations on life, reflected in the always witty and provocative lyrics are just brilliant.
He may not be resetting the formula for DNA discovery, but the way he twists a phrase around a hook is unparalleled.
Left Of Self Centered contains some of the catchiest hooks of Butch's writing so far.
One point though as funny as the spoken word opening track Rock Vocal Power is, how many times are we really going to listen to it? Better off placing it at the end of the album where we don't have to skip it time the CD is placed in the player.
The fact that this really isn't seeling thus far is a crime. Surely it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up and realizes what a genius Butch Walker is.

My Way is just brilliant pure nu-breed modern rock with huge hooks and totally in your face attitude.
Butch has this knack of yelling his lyrics at you, but never sounds out of tune, out of place or like he is screaming. It's all attitude.
Suburbia is a brilliant look behind the veil on modern day life in the burb's, a la the movie American Beauty.
Trouble is passive, effects filled, but has a chorus that is totally in you face, aggressive, and over the top.
Alicia Amnesia is more of the same hook filled nu-breed rock and attitude. The song reverses the last track a heavy verse and soft chorus. Brilliant!
Sober is a haunting modern rock ballad of sorts, with a passionate plea leading the chorus.
Only Take Tomorrow fell short for me, although the first half of the album is definitely stronger and more instant than the second half.

Points Summary - The Bottom Line
Fantastic songs - truly great lyrics and tight as hell production that is right in your face.
Big mistake with the sequencing of the album - track 1 has to go!
Perfect running time and artwork that some love and some hate - but gets people talking. That all equals a near prefect melodic modern rock record.

Buy it if you liked:
Marvellous 3 - Ready Sex Go, Hey Album
SR-71 - Now You See Inside
Simple Plan - No Fads

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