Bryan Adams Room Service Universal Records
Produced By: Bryan Adams

Running Time: 39.32

Release Date: Out Now / Early 2005 USA

Released: AU JP EU

Musical Style: Pop Rock

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 84%
I've been a bit critical of Bryan over the past few years, so I am pleased to say that this album is a step in the right direction.
Bryan has continued the mellow rock vein of his last album On A Day Like Today, but has turned out some better quality songs and has returned to a more guitar driven sound, even though it is a very laid back and stripped back sound.
What really bugged me about Bryan was seeing piss-weak songs about nothing getting widespread airplay. Tracks like The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, Do To You and the utterly atrocious (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear didn't do justice to one of Canada's finest songwriters. Take a listen to the haunting brilliance of Native Son, Remembrance Day and Into The Fire, not to mention the songs that summed up a generation on the breakthrough Reckless release. That is the Bryan Adams I choose to remember.
Room Service returns to a more personal motive, and thankfully the trashy party tracks are all but gone.
The personal story telling East Side Story is a fabulous opener, setting up the mood and pace of the album, which is largely mid-tempo.
The album continues to flow nicely, with the exception of the sappy ballad Flying. Just a little too close to Rod Stewart's Sailing I think!
She's A Little To Good For Me is a great uptempo pop rocker, which leads into the single Open Road, which is another highlight and a song closest to the classic Adams style.
Room Service is another good uptempo number, making the middle section of the album a particularly enjoyable affair.
The album slows down again at this point, with the exception of Right Back Where I Started From, another potential single.
Blessing In Disguise is a bonus track for some territories. While not essential, it's a good fun 50's style rock n roll number.
The Bottom Line
A consistent and enjoyable album from Bryan that doesn't match his classic best, but is decent enough to please fans and suggest that the singer/songwriter still has a lot to offer. A little more guitar and a little more rock n roll might have spiced things up even further, but thank God the lame lyrics have been left behind.
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Track Listing
Eastside Story*
This Side Of Paradise
Not Romeo, Not Juliette
She's A Little Too Good For Me*
Open Road*
Room Service*
I Was Only Dreamin
Right Back Where I Started From*
No Where Fast
Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love
Blessing In Disguise (Bonus Track Japan/UK)
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