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Bruce Springsteen The Rising Columbia
Track Listing
Lonesome Day (1)
Into The Fire
Waitin' On A Sunny Day (4)
Nothing Man (5)
Countin' On A Miracle (3)
Empty Sky
World's Apart
Let's Be Friends
Further On
The Fuse
Mary's Place (6)
You're Missing
The Rising (2)
My City Of Ruins

(*) Best Tracks

Album Details
Produced By: Brendan O'Brien
Running Time: 72.50
Release Date: Out Now
Released: WORLD
Genre: Rock
WebLink: Bruce Springsteen
LabelLink: Columbia

Recent Discography
Born In The USA
Tunnel Of Love
Lucky Town
Human Touch
Ghost Of Tom Joad
The Rising

Discography / Compilations
Greatest Hits Volume 1

Bruce Springsteen is an American national treasure there is no denying that.
He also has a body of work unparalleled by the majority of his contemporaries.
His records have moved from rock to pop to folk and back again and with every new release there is always going to be several opinions on the result and the importance of that release in relation to his previous albums.
The Rising is essentially a return to a more commercial field for one of modern time's best song writers.
While this album is certainly uplifting, I wouldn't call it overly uptempo.
This album to me is closest to his 1987 album Tunnel Of Love. Like that album, The Rising is a very personal album, with lyrics inspired by events directly effecting Bruce or those around him. It is of no surprise then, to hear several songs indirectly pay tribute to the residents of New York City and the events of September 11, 2001.
It actually surprised me how simple this album is.
Bruce makes it look complicated with intense and personal lyrics, layered production and varied song styles, but essentially, this is a very commercial pop rock album.
It rocks in places and has a few songs that will translate to stadium anthems with ease, but it is essentially a mature mid-tempo rock album.
Personally, of the recent era albums, I loved Born In The USA and especially Tunnel Of Love.
I thought Human Touch and Lucky Town had some killer songs and a few fillers and I hated Tom Joad.
Yeah, I know it was good but it wasn't for me.
I am finding The Rising to be much like Human Touch some fantastic tunes that make my hair stand up on end, but also a few others I could possibly live without.
But as a big Bruce fan, I love the record.
I would have liked to have seen a few more anthems, or stadium rockers, over a few of the softer, more introspective songs included.
Rocking tracks like Lonesome Day, The Rising, Mary's Place, Countin' On A Miracle and Waitin' On A Sunny Day are utterly essential.
So too are the ballads Into The Fire, Nothing Man, Empty Sky and My City Of Ruins.
It's always great to hear that someone of Bruce's stature isn't past a great la la - la la lal la la - la chorus. He does it better than anyone!
A great album that makes for a great listen, improved more so if I am in the right nood for the pace of the tracks. A little more laid back than I hoped for, but still an engaging set of songs.

Points Summary - The Bottom Line
The songwriting is flawless. The performance isn't far behind - as long as you realise this is Bruce 2002, not 1972 or 1982.
The running time and sequence could have been tightened by the removal of one, possibly 2 tracks.
Just my opinion on that.
Another opinion - sequencing - I have never been a huge fan of the rocker / ballad / rocker / ballad running order.
Artwork is brilliant and the production from Brendan O'Brien tight and crisp.

Recommended For
All Bruce fans!

Line Up
Bruce Springsteen: Vocals, Guitar
Roy Bittan: Keys, Piano
Clarence Clemons: Sax
Danny Federici: Organ
Nils Lofgren: Guitar
Patti Scialfa: Vocals
Gary Talent: Bass
Steven Van Zant: Guitar
Max Weinberg: Drums





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