Brides Of Destruction
Here Come The Brides
Sanctuary Records
Produced By: Steve Bruno

Running Time: 37.39

Release Date: March 9

Released: US

Musical Style: Modern Hard Rock

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 80%
The debut Brides album will be released shortly with a blaze of publicity, but will that have any impact on the CD buying public outside of the individual guys fan bases?
The band features bassist Nikki Sixx, guitarist Tracii Guns, drummer Scot Coogan and vocalist London LeGrand. London is the least known of the four his is a new comer to the LA hard rock scene after failing to break through in his native Georgia.
The album has a feel of a number of contemporary and classic influences, with a little of the past from Sixx and Tracii Guns (Motley Crue and LA Guns), in a heavily updated contemporary delivery this record is as much alternative modern rock than it is classic hard rock.
After many listens, I'm still not sure what to make of the whole affair. It rocks like crazy, as a monster attitude, yet I personally haven't warmed to it at all.
Maybe it's the vocalist. As with several other examples in recent years, some classic hard rockers have chosen the path of a more modern rock/alternative vocalist. For the most part I don't like his tone or his delivery. Just not melodic enough for my tastes the style is far to harsh.
Here Come the Brides was produced by Steve Bruno and mixed by Steve Thompson, an ever powerful duo that has worked with some of the biggest and the best. The quality of this album's production is therefore very good, but surprised me for it's rawness and overall simplicity. The band is clearly going for that 'live' in the studio feel.
So it rocks, it's modern and it packs an in your face attitude. What about the songs? No problem with quality, although there may be a filler or two of the 9 tracks featured.
The song style might not be for everyone though.
You've got the punk influenced modern rocker Shut The Fuck Up to open the album does anyone really need a song with a title like this anymore? Following that, comes the frantic Guns N Roses styled rocker I Don't Care (a highlight), the heavy semi-industrial I Got A Gun, the LA Guns influenced alternative rocker 2 Times Dead and the modern rock/rap Natural Born Killers, which I quite dislike.
The uptempo punkish Life is better it features a better vocal and an almost nu-breed style chorus. Revolution is also pretty cool, with another good Guns N Roses style hook, but a much rougher production quality.
Only Get So Far closes out the album with the only slower track of the album a psychedelic styled rock ballad. It's ok, but the vocals don't sell the song.
At 37 minutes in length and with most of the tracks already available in bootlegged demo form, there isn't enough on offer here.
The Bottom Line
The album is going to best appeal to those fans that can appreciate a little modern American metal or alternative hard rock. There are touches of past influences here, which may be enough to allow some more to enjoy the album and the performances are certainly unquestionably good.
Still, there is something about the album I don't warm to and I don't like vocals on several of the tracks. I don't have to like an album to see that it has definite appeal and will predict a few will wonder why I just don't like the album as much as I should. Personal tastes folks!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Here Come The Brides

Line Up
London LeGrand: Vocals
Tracii Guns: Guitars
Scot Coogan: Drums
Nikki Sixx: Bass

Essential for fans of:
LA Guns
Stone Temple Pilots
Track Listing
Shut The Fuck Up
I Don't Care*
I Got A Gun
2 Times Dead*
Brace Yourself
Natural Born Killer
Only Get So Far
--*Best Tracks

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