Brides Of Destruction Runaway Brides Shrapnel Records
Produced By: Andy Johns

Running Time: 50.00

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Modern Hard Rock

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Songs: 40%
Sound: 50%
There is definitely something wrong when the 1 minute album intro is one of the best tracks of the album.
I wasn't sold on the band's debut album, but even this follow up is a long way from that. My biggest bugbear is the quality of the recording this is simply not good enough for a band claiming to be one of the frontrunner's in rock n roll.
This is a very rough quality sound and while it may not be as bad as some indie rock releases - nor it should be. The guys have a sizable budget behind them but it just does not show here.
The mix is muddy and the tone is murky. On this point alone the album would fail to make a passable grade. All the more surprising that mega-producer Andy Johns is behind the wheel here. This is a long long way from his best. With the average sound of LA Guns album still fresh in my mind I must question his otherwise unblemished record.
Production aside, it gets worse when you take a look at the songs.
This is a more alternative sound - more garage punk and further removed from the melodic hard rock legacy guitarist Tracii Guns has left behind.
Sure Tracii can play that's never been disputed, he is a guitar wizard, but these songs just don't go anywhere and there remains a very evident lack of decent hook or memorable riff to wrap your ears around.
The song quality is simply bad. I can't find any redeeming features about this album. I struggled to find positives with the band's debut, but I know they won a lot of fans with their attitude. Attitude may be one thing, but you have to back it up with songs.
I don't hear a lot on offer here for readers of this site. I was never a fan of lead singer London Legrand. This album only confirms and reinforces that, but alongside that fact is the musical path the band has chosen.
Deadman's Ruin is the album's best track it a modern foot stomping punk rocker.
White Trash shows some promise, as does Never Say Never and perhaps Porcelain Queen. But elsewhere it is a mess. The opening track Lords of the Mind so long a cornerstone of any release is nothing short of awful and I just imagine that the modern alternative of Criminal is far from what fans of the debut album want to hear.
Tracii describes this as the album the band always wanted to make. I wonder how many fans of the debut will agree?
The Bottom Line
The loss of Nikki Sixx to Motley Crue really shows in the songwriting department and with Tracii Guns firmly in control, the Brides ship is about to hit an iceburg with this release. I doubt there will be a third album. Based on this, don't expect it anytime soon.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Here Come The Brides
Runaway Brides

Line Up:
London Legrand: Vocals
Tracii Guns: Guitar
Scot Coogan: Drums
Scott Sorry: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Tracii Guns
Track Listing
Aunt Biente
Lords of the Mind
Deadman's Ruin*
This Time Around
White Trash
Never Say Never
Blown Away
Porcelain Queen
White Horse
Tunnel Of Love
Dimes In Heaven
--*Best Tracks

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