Brazen Abbot My Resurrection Frontiers Records
FRCD 244
Produced By: Nikolo Kotzev

Running Time: 62.30

Release Date: June 6

Released: EU

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 94%
Nikolo Kotzev returns in pretty quick fashion when comparing the time between past releases. While the time spent recording this album may be quicker than the norm, the quality is just as fabulous as ever and this album will prove to be a treat for established fans and those akin to some quality European hard rock.
As has been the case with each Brazen Abbot release, Nikolo mixes up the vocalists and as always Joe Lynn Turner and Goran Edman are on board, this time joined by Erik Martensson (Eclipse) and Tony Harnell (TNT).
I think this over time will develop into my favorite Brazen Abbot release to date. Of the 4 so far, this has the best production and the best musical performances. The addition of a 31 piece string orchestra is a master touch, as it adds some lush orchestral moments within the album.
Joe Lynn Turner gets the best tracks of the album I think and his long established relationship with Nikolo shows - the comfort these two have in working with each other is evident.
Opening track My Resurrection is simply one of the best rock anthems of the year to date, with a ton of guitar, a dash of Hammond and some dramatic string arrangements nearer the end of the track.
Joe also gets a crack at a great ballad Dreams. This mid-tempo tune features more lush string arrangements and a seriously smooth lead vocal. The piano playing lifts the track into another dimension all together.
JLT gets to have a little fun with the AC/DC style rocker More Than Money and goes off totally on the heavy Rage Of Angels, which again features some intense string arrangements.
Tony Harnell continues his stellar year with another memorable performance, which sees him feature on three tracks. Godforsaken and Lost both rock with passion and have the same musical approach as the Starbreaker material. It's great to hear Tony in such a heavy setting. The vocals on Godforsaken are something to behold and are among his most menacing ever. A special mention here for Nikolo's guitar playing he shreds throughout, but no more than right here!
Not every track is an instant winner here though. Another Day Gone is a more dramatic track, with a dark and powerful edge. It's an intense track and isn't immediately likeable, but gets better each listen.
Goran Edman takes command on a couple of classics and a couple of not quite so memorable tracks.
His first is track two Bad Madman. It's Goran in an attacking mood, but I'm not as sold on the track as I have been with his past contributions.
Flyin' Blind is much better and is more or less, classic Brazen Abbot with a memorable bridge and soaring chorus.
Beggar's Lane is perhaps the pick of the entire album, or at least one of the best tracks. Starting slow with some really lush strings, the track builds to a point about two minutes in where the track really takes off. A particularly strong chorus is bolstered by the orchestral parts.
Goran's last track is a big ballad Shades of Grey, which like a few other tracks here, isn't as immediate and takes some listening to in order to fully appreciate.
The Bottom Line
As always, the contributing vocalists sing their hearts out and add variation to an album with a similar musical theme. Fans of classic Rainbow and Deep Purple will continue to hear a lot of familiarity in the material and fans of Nikolo and this genre will find themselves with one of the album's of the year. Possibly Nikolo's best yet, definitely his most commercial. Still a bit more room to get even better though!
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Line Up:
Joe Lynn Turner, Goran Edman,Tony Harnell, Erik Martensson: Vocals
Nikolo Kotzev: Guitars, Percussion, Keyboards, Piano
Mattias Knutas: Drums
Wayne Banks: Bass
Nelko Kolarov: Hammond Organ, Piano, Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Nikolo Kotzev
Joe Lynn Turner
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Track Listing
My Resurrection*
Bad Madman
Flyin' Blind*
Another Day Gone
More Than Money
The Shadows
Beggar's Lane*
Rage of Angels
Shades of Grey
--*Best Tracks

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