Boysvoice Serenity Escape Music
· Produced By: M. Gruber & J. Mayer

· Running Time: 61.01

· Release Date: June 20

· Released:

· Musical Style: European Melodic Rock

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 87%
Sound: 83%
Boysvoice are a German melodic hard rock outfit that is centered around singer and guitarist Mani Gruber.
The band released albums in 1990 and 1993 and really could have gone on to bigger and better things, as they are of equal talent and substance as fellow German rockers Bonfire and Casanova. The band's original bassist - absent for the second album, but back again here – is in fact Casanova's Jochen Mayer.
In 2004, the guys hooked up again revisit the past and look at their old video clips and pictures. Following that meeting it was decided a new album would be recorded.
Original fans are rewarded with an album that isn't too far from their original sound, aside from the obviously updated approach and production qualities. Serenity is a solid album of German/European style melodic rock and while it isn't an instant album filled with monster hooks, it is a well written and performed set of songs that get better with repeat listens.
The guys aren't as obvious as bands such as Bonfire or Gotthard even, but they do write quality tunes. The album has a slightly laid back delivery, yet is still dominated by guitars and some of the band's energy comes to the surface once the songs become more familiar.
Certainly tracks like Open Your Eyes and What You Get will give fans of German hard rock something to smile about.
Light's Out and Crazy contain good hooks and the moody On Your Own and the heavier and somewhat funky Best Friend's Lover offer some diversity within the album.
The Bottom Line
German melodic rock and even European rock has it's own individual feel and Boysvoice fit right into the same mold that Bonfire, Casanova and Gotthard were cast from. Established fans will enjoy this without question and those new to the band, but who have a love of the other acts mentioned should also come away happy.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Boysvoice
· Dirty Talks
· Serenity

Line Up:
· Mani Gruber: Vocals, Guitars
· Peter Diezel: Guitar
· Alex Hötzinger: Drums
· Jochen Mayer: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Casanova
· Bonfire
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Track Listing
· Open Your Eyes*
· Lights Out*
· Best Friend's Lover
· What You Get
· Always On My Mind
· On Your Own*
· Crazy*
· All About You
· Only See You There
· Too Late
· Rocket
· Lights Out (Radio Version)
· Always On My Mind (Radio Version)
--*Best Tracks

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