Bombay Black Mercy Kivel Records
Produced By: Ty Simms and Erik Johnson

Running Time: 41.32

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 86%
It's hard to find original records these days, but I think Bombay Black just about pull it off.
With the swagger of bands like Kingofthehill and early Extreme, mixed with glam-ish chorus hooks and a big hard rock sound, these guys clearly offer something no one else in the market place has right now.
A strong performance from the booming voice of Erik Johnson helps propel this record to greater things.
The band offers quite a variety of music within, from hard rock with a funky swagger to some downright glam-ish moments, such as on Hooks.
Bullet In My Head is a strong opener, but the glorious You For Me showcases the very best the band has to offer hard rocking through the verse, with a monster chorus layered in harmonies.
Other highlights from within the album include I'll Get Through, which has touches of Motley Crue that sleazy attitude and thumping bass matched with strong harmony vocals.
Everything doesn't appear to offer much during the verse, but big chorus from nowhere makes for another cool track.
Get Out is yet another highlight it has a ton of attitude and some definite angst. Another reminder of the Motley Crue of old. The band slows it down for a ballad in Fade Away, which should be well received.
The last few tracks don't match the impact of the middle section and that doesn't match the first few tracks. I think the album opens with the strongest couple of tracks and from there heads downhill, but it still remains a strong and original enough album to warrant some positive attention.
The Bottom Line
The album sounds big and for the most part, the songs and a strong vocal performance propel that sound - coupled with some big hooks through the speakers into the minds of those listening. Once there it's hard to stop humming along. A couple more tracks with choruses as big as You For Me would have made the album even better, but as it is, it rocks hard and has a lot of attitude.
Recommended for fans of old school good time melodic hard rock.
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Line Up:
Erik Johnson: Vocals, Guitar
Jim Perry: Guitar, backing vocals
Rob McCauley: Drums, backing vocals
Ty Simms: Bass, backing vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
Kingofthehill - Kingofthehill
Extreme - Extreme
Track Listing
Bullet In My Head*
You For Me*
I'll Get Through*
Get Out*
Leave Me Alone
Fade Away
Blue Skies
Weight Of The World
Get Mad Get Even
--*Best Tracks

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