Bloodbound Nosferatu Metal Heaven
Produced By: Thomas Olsson & Fredrik Bergh

Running Time: 53.04

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Metal

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Songs: 86%
Sound: 90%
What's this? Swedish AOR guru and ivory tinkler Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk) performing melodic metal and dressed to the nine's in gorefest make-up? What is the world coming to? Is AOR truly an artform at risk of total annihilation?
In answer to those questions no idea and yes indeed! But the end is not quite upon us yet.
Previously responsible for some of the finest and sweetest AOR this side of Air Supply, Bergh has 'turned nasty' and is now showcasing his great talents to a new audience.
No one could blame any devout AOR legend for trying something new. And due to the fact Fredrik is recording a new Street Talk album now; we will allow him this excursion into metaldom.
Fredrik joins with long time pal Tomas Olsson on guitars and Urban Breed, the highly regarded frontman from the Tad Morose.
In all seriousness, this is a pretty fine record. I'll skip putting a poster of these guys on my wall (that's a frightful look), but Bergh certainly adds something worthy to his resume.
On the strength of this debut, I can see the band continuing on for some time.
Yes, this is pure European melodic metal with the furious double time drumming and wailing guitar riffs, wrapped up in a polished production.
As the name suggests Bloodbound is certainly not a 'must-buy' for Street Talk fans but tose with diverse tastes could find something new to enjoy here. Like all things involving Burgh, there is a certain class to the songwriting here and a definite melodic touch shining through.
Tracks such as Behind The Moon, Nosferatu, Crucified and Fallen From Grace contain some great lead vocals and in tune with the furious guitar and rhythm onslaught are some strong melodies.
The Bottom Line
There is a lot of melodic metal on the market right now and thanks to the talents of those behind the name, Bloodbound offer one of the better examples from this genre. The extra attention to melodies and some strong lead vocals, not to mention the swirling keyboards of main-man Burgh help to create a pretty memorable album.
As stated, one must have an ear for the sonically intense music on offer here. If it's something a little more laid back you are after, then grab Street Talk and relax!
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Line Up:
Urban Breed: Vocals
Tomas Olsson: Guitars
Oskar Belin: Drums
Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards, Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Swedish Melodic Metal
Track Listing
Behind The Moon *
Into The Dark
Nosferatu *
Metal Monster
Crucified *
Fallen From Grace *
Screams In The Night
For The King
Midnight Sun
On The Battlefield
--*Best Tracks

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