Blackwood Creek Blackwood Creek Frontiers Records
Produced By: Kip Winger

Running Time: 43.38

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 95%
Kip Winger is smack in the middle of a real purple-patch of quality songwriting. Fresh off the acclaim and glory of a killer new Winger album, Kip goes way back to where it all began and puts together his old childhood band that disbanded in 1980. As you would expect, Blackwood Creek have a slightly different sound than both that of Winger and Kip's more intense solo work.
It features elements of both, but the band has its own straight ahead rock sound, uncluttered by layers of unnecessary effects (in this case), sticking to the basic premise of a great song delivered without fuss. Delivering the chemistry of a seasoned touring band, Blackwood Creek is driven by a hard edged guitar, pumping rhythm section and Kip's distinct vocals in this case sounding like a mix between the grittier recent Winger style and his more melodic solo style.
The urgent, uptempo Out In Outer Space has a great beat and strong chorus, sliding into the more acoustic driven Def Leppard melody of Nothing But The Sun.
Your Revolution is another amazing song, the partnership of Winger and guitarist Peter Fletcher delivering some true quality songwriting and more memorable hooks.
Dead Stung and Jimmy and Georgia feature a groovy modern vibe, while the dreamy acoustic ballad After Your Heart has sentiment in spades.
The dual lead vocals on Albatross works well, the moody verse giving in to a hook filled chorus. The trio of rough and ready rockers - Rich and Greed, Joy Ride and Love Inspector get a little rawer and in your face and take the album in a different direction.
Then things close with a 6 minute acoustic/electric experimental mood piece where the guys get to flex some musical muscle.
The Bottom Line
Chalk up another winner for Kip and Co here. Another essential purchase for those that have been following Winger and Kip as a solo artist. Kip can do no wrong in my book and this is another great addition to the artists' catalogue of work essential for all fans.
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Blackwood Creek

Line Up:
Peter Fletcher: Guitars and Vocals
Nate Winger: Drums and Vocals
Kip Winger: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
Kip Winger
Track Listing
Out In Outer Space *
Nothing But The Sun *
Your Revolution *
Dead Stung
After Your Heart *
Albatross *
Jimmy And Georgia
Rack Of Greed
Love Inspector
Joy Ride
Wooden Shoe

--*Best Tracks

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