Biss Face Off AOR Heaven
Produced By: Mr. Bar & Mr. Fly

Running Time: 41.25

Release Date: May 30

Released: EU

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 87%
Sound: 92%
I had no previous desire to hear a new Biss record they are just one band that had not done anything for me. But the new album Face Off proves to be one not to miss for fans of European melodic hard rock.
It might have something to do with the inclusion of new vocalist Marc Storace (of Krokus fame), who sings in a more accessible and melodic way then ever; or it might just be that the guys wrote some great songs to record. Perhaps it's both.
The vocals are indeed very pleasing and the songs are all catchy to the ear and demand further playback.
Style wise the guys have chosen to stay on track with their first two albums, meaning this is a selection of no-BS, European melodic hard rock.
This is a big record big sound, big production and quality songs for fans of the genre.
Guitarist Ralph "Doc" Heyne provides some chunky hard rocking riffs as expected and Barend Courbois (ex-Vengeance) on bass and Jos Zoomer (ex-Vandenberg) on drums provide a more than adequate rhythm section.
Michael Voss ensures that like everything he is involved in, the album sounds evenly mixed and perfectly produced.
Talking tracks - Breathless gets the album off to a flyer, with Storace's raspy vocals sounding well and truly at home with the band.
Rejected is perhaps the album highlight, with a catchy bridge, big chorus and an overall big rock feel perfect for the band and for fans of in your face hard rock.
Very cool to see included a cover of the classic Icon track Raise The Hammer from their much loved Night Of The Crime release. Biss indeed do the track justice.
The rest of the material is all original and new and highlights include the stomping uptempo rocker Calling; the NWOBHM inspired Fire In The Night and the dark and brooding Pyromania - featuring a good chorus with harmony vocals.
The Bottom Line
A surprisingly good record - excellent even - if you are already an established fan of the band. This could bring the band back to life and one hopes they will keep this line-up in tact for another record next year perhaps. Everything you could ask of for a traditional German/European styled hard rock album.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Joker In The Deck
Face Off

Line Up
Marc Storace: Vocals
Ralph Heyne: Guitars
Carsten Witte: Drums
Lars Bilke: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Track Listing
Raise The Hammer
Big Life
Fire In The Night
LadyOf The Night
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