Bang Tango Ready To Go Shrapnel Records
Produced By: Anthony Focx

Running Time: 54.04

Release Date: Out Now

Released: US

Musical Style: Hard Rock

Links: Shrapnel
Songs: 76%
Sound: 82%
This is a pretty good album, but is does somewhat struggle to find an identity and doesn't always compare musically to what the Bang Tango name represented.
It's only definite link with that of the band who released their last studio album 10 years ago is the very talented singer Joe Leste.
Bang Tango 2004 is a different beast than the band they were in the early 1990's. Only Leste remains from the Dancing On Coals line-up an album that saw the band teeter on the edge of mainstream success. Since then there was only 1994's Love After Death and the odd compilation released.
Leste has more recently gathered acclaim for his role in the new band Beautiful Creatures an album that featured an updated and more straight ahead hard rock sound.
This album is not purely Bang Tango, nor is it Beautiful Creatures. Rather it is a mix of both and perhaps something different again.
The line-up for this album features vocalist Leste along with fellow Beautiful Creatures guitarist Anthony Focx who incidentally does a good job on the material provided.
As stated at the start of the review, the album at times finds itself searching for an identity. I had heard that several tracks from the planned second BC album were used on this release and that makes perfect sense.
Half of Ready To Go features Leste's Bon Scott inspired vocals driving home AC/DC riffs reminiscent of the Beautiful Creatures release.
There's only a small taste of the funky blues & sleaze of the band's classic sound best represented here by I Came To See You and It Ain't Easy.
The other half of the album is a mellower hybrid of Tango and Creatures.
The ballad Rainy Day and the albums mellower closing sequence of The Most Important Thing, Tell Me and Carry On all have the hallmarks of LA sleaze, but remind me more of Faster Pussycat than early Bang Tango.
The Bottom Line
The album's sound quality isn't always consistent, but the majority of songs sound pretty good. The variation in style isn't off-putting and I'm sure fans of both Bang Tango and Beautiful Creatures will find a lot to like about this album. All that I could suggest that would have made the album better is a couple of more memorable songs.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Psycho Cafe
Dancin' On Coals
Love After Death
Ready To Go

Line Up
Joe Leste: Vocals
Alex Grossi, Anthony Focx: Guitar
Matt Starr: Drums
Chris "Curtis" Roach: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Beautiful Creatures
Track Listing
Ready To Go*
I Came To See You*
It Ain't Easy*
Rainy Day
The Other Side
She Knows better
Roll Me Over
Save Myself For You
Love The Life
Most Important Thing
Tell Me
Carry On
--*Best Tracks

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