Axel Rudi Pell
Kings & Queens
· Produced By: Axel Rudi Pell

· Running Time: 56.40

· Release Date: March 1

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: European Hard Rock

· Links: ARP
Songs: 90%
Sound: 94%
Axel Rudi Pell doesn't vary the blueprint for his albums very much, but he does consistently record and release great albums, pleasing dedicated fans each time with more of his own brand of European hard rock.
The band line-up for Kings & Queens is exactly as has been for the last couple of studio albums, which means Hardline vocalist Johnny Gioeli is back for his forth studio album.
The formula for the last few albums has been an intro plus 9 tracks, including a couple of power rock ballads, a speed demon or two and a couple of extended epics with a few straight ahead hard rockers filling the gaps.
Kings & Queens holds true to this formula, and again it provides a great listen and is highly enjoyable as always.
Flyin´ High really shreds for the opening track, with Cold Heaven, Strong As A Rock and Only The Strong Will Survive providing the straight ahead and uncompromising hard rock portion of the album, with plenty of great riffs and some power house vocals from Gioeli.
Forever Angel is a great heartfelt power ballad as is the epic Sea Of Evil, which clocks in over 8 minutes.
Legions Of Hell is the album's other epic, a great dark and moody rocker running nearly 9 minutes.
What's most enjoyable about Kings & Queens is Axel's guitar sound. He's changed the tone just a little over the style of the last few albums - harder edged than ever, with an even more commercial hard rock style.
The Bottom Line
More great music from Axel - with the ever reliable Johnny Gioeli providing the backbone of the album. Nothing that deviates from previous albums, which means fans will get another dose of high energy guitar driven European hard rock. Powerfully produced and well mixed, the album sounds great and fans will know exactly what to expect.
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Line Up
· Johnny Gioeli: Vocals
· Axel Rudi Pell: Guitar
· Ferdy Doernberg: Keyboards
· Mike Terrana: Drums
· Volker Krawczak: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Hardline
· Axel Rudi Pell
Track Listing
· The Gate (Intro)
· Flyin´ High
· Cold Heaven*
· Strong As A Rock*
· Forever Angel*
· Legions Of Hell*
· Only The Strong Will Survive
· Sailing Away
· Take The Crown
· Sea Of Evil*
--*Best Tracks

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