Avril Lavigne Under My Skin BMG
· Produced By: Various

· Running Time: 42.00

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Modern Rock

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 98%
Make no mistake - Avril was under a whole world of pressure to come up with another chart topping mega-success, but the girl has made a mockery of her young age with a truly great set of songs that will ensure this album doesn't carry the sophomore jinx. Featuring production and writing help from Rock God Butch Walker and several other high profile names, Avril expands her repertoire with a darker, heavier and moodier album with a lot more attitude and some very personal songs.
What's best of all is to see her name alongside the writing credits for each and every track – a route so often shunned by other chart topping stars.
Her vocal range is tested and expanded successfully and the songs of Under My Skin have hit written all over them.
I'm very impressed by her willingness to push the boundaries a little and experiment beyond the frame of the expected hit single format. At times the maturity expressed with the songwriting is nothing short of fantastic.
The use of several producers to create this album means the styles are a little different throughout. This can sometimes be rather off-putting to the listener, and while it is evident here, the album has been constructed in the best way possible to minimize this and as a result it flows cohesively.
Track By Track:
Take Me Away is a classic opening track utilizing all the expected ingredients – hard hitting guitars, snarling vocals, a big chorus and the first sign that Avril's voice has matured since her debut.
Together is the first surprise of the album. This is a dark and melancholy rocker, with some haunting effects such as Tori Amos style piano and a Kate Bush sense of going right over the top. The chorus is simply massive – a huge guitar fuelled vocal that soars over the top of the song and shows what a great vocal talent Avril can be.
Don't Tell Me is the single everyone knows. I still love the track to bits and love the emotional vocals and the excellent lyrical theme. A big hand to co-writer and producer Butch, who is all over the track.
He Wasn't is a punk fuelled modern pop rocker with attitude. The chorus is punk-pop, but the chorus is as commercial an anthem as one could expect, a la Sk8ter Boi. Expect this to me another massive single.
How Does It Feel is a personal favourite. This is a massive ballad, with powerful and emotional vocals far beyond the singer's age. And the right turn the track takes mid-track sends the track right over the top.
My Happy Ending is the new single and another Butch Walker co-write. Simply put, it's another hit single and a great example of modern pop/rock.
Nobody's Home is a mid-tempo, emotion filled rock track that starts slow and builds to another great chorus. It picks up tempo from there and continues through a series of bridges and choruses. Great track with another powerful lyric.
Forgotten has a really dark vibe to it – it features a slow, haunting intro, which builds slowly into an angst filled song, with another powerful chorus which reminds me of Alanis Morrisette at her angry best.
Who Knows is another massive hit single in the waiting. Watch for this one…The chorus is somewhat laid back and reflective, featuring a cool electric/acoustic combination. The chorus is something else though – a feel good, anthemic sing along if ever there was one.
Fall To Pieces is a good, catchy mid-tempo pop rocker. More simplistic than several other album tracks, but most welcome due to a very catchy chorus.
Freak Out is a mid-tempo modern rock track with a heavy, catchy chorus that features a great vocal and an impressive wall of guitars.
Slipped Away closes the album perfectly. This is another classy, heartfelt power rock ballad. The track continues to build throughout and is a fitting climax to a great album.
The Bottom Line
As I have stated earlier, regardless of preconceptions of the artist's public profile or her age, this remains a very classy album filled with brilliant songs – all of which feature the very vital ingredient of great choruses and memorable hooks. Add to that a heavier, darker feel than the debut and a wider ranging taste of vocal styles, plus some of the heaviest, catchiest, most dramatic songs to be featured in the Top 200 and you get an album which is a real winner – especially for fans of modern rock.
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Track Listing
· Take Me Away
· Together*
· Don't Tell Me*
· He Wasn't
· How Does It Feel*
· My Happy Ending
· Nobody's Home*
· Forgotten*
· Who Knows*
· Fall To Pieces
· Freak Out
· Slipped Away
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