AOR LA Attraction MTM Music
· Produced By: Frederic Slama, Tommy Denander

· Running Time: 53.02

· Release Date: January 27

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR / Westcoast

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 83%
French soft rock master Frederic Slama can always be relied upon to deliver a silky smooth album mixing Westcoast pop and easy going AOR. The moniker of his long running project reflects the very nature of the music he delivers – pure AOR.
On this occasion, Frederic has teamed with pal Tommy Denander for a more collaborative effort. That means that Denander delivers much of the album's guitar work, programming, keyboards and also bass parts.
No surprise then that this album is dominated by Tommy's trademark production style and guitar sound.
Joining the duo on this record is Tommy's new pal Phillip Bardowell, who he did an album with in 2005 and who also guested on Tommy's current Radioactive album.
So who's album is this? Is this a new AOR album, or a new Denander album? Well, AOR is the name on the marquee, but this latest album is more Denander than anything else.
The 5 lead vocals delivered from Phillip Bardowell are all but a sequel to the duo's great 2005 In The Cut release. While the album delivers some tasteful examples of silky smooth Westcoast/AOR, it is these 5 tracks that stand out from the pack.
How Could I Forget Her is a nice uptempo melodic rocker, while the uptempo, but heartfelt Like An Open Book is an album highlight and is as good as any track from the In The Cut release. Bardowell also sings on I Won't Give Up On You, Last Chance At Love and LA Winds.
Of the non Bardowell sung tracks, One More Chance stands out as the best. The J. Lynn Johnson sung Westcoast track is as smooth as they come and features a strong, memorable chorus. Johnson also appears on The House Of Love, which is another strong track.
Give A Little Love is somewhat of a u-turn for the album stylistically, featuring the soulful R&B of vocalist Dane Donohue. Classy Westcoast for those that live for the pink and fluffy.
Guest musicians are always part of the AOR legacy and on this release we see Steve Lukather, Rick Riso, Peter Friestedt, Michael Landau, David Williams and more featured.
Sadly the very sparse liner notes offer no details of their parts or particular songs, so it will left to guess work to figure out these guest spots.
The Bottom Line
Half this album sounds like a sequel to In The Cut, the other half will sound more familiar to those that have followed Slama and his AOR brand since the start. The music featured is very tasteful, very smooth and well thought-out slices of Westcoast/AOR and will appeal to fans of those featured within, and the newly created Denander/Bardowell partnership.
I personally prefer the previous releases LA Reflection and Dreaming Of LA, but there remains good consistency with the AOR name.
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Line Up:
· Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso, J.Lynn Johnston, Dane Donohue: Vocals
· Frédéric Slama: Guitars, Keyboards
· Tommy Denander: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Programming
· Joey Heredia: Drums
· Steve Lukather, Peter Friestedt, David Diggs, Michael Landau: Guests

Essential For Fans Of:
· Westcoast / Soft AOR
· Tommy Denander
· Philip Bardowell
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Track Listing
· How Could I Ever Forgive Her *
· Don't Ever Say Goodbye
· One More Chance
· Like An Open Book *
· The House Of Love *
· Tears In The Rain
· I Won't Give Up On You
· The Spark Of My Soul
· Last Chance At Love
· L.A Winds
· Give A Little Love
· Lost In Your Eyes
--*Best Tracks

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