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· Produced By: Alliance

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· Release Date: April 21

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· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 97%
Sound: 97%
Two CDs have barely left my playlist in the last 6 weeks. Brother Firetribe is one of them, Alliance is the other.
It is so pleasing to get an album of this quality to feature on the site. There are great albums and then there are finely crafted works of art. This is a masterpiece!
That said, Road To Heaven is an album with a subtle style and not as immediate as some releases. But therein lies the beauty…the songs work their magic each additional listen to the point where every track is considered essential.
The band has recorded two albums previously and I wasn't sure we'd ever get a third. The line up of Robert Berry (Solo, 3, Hush), Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar), David Lauser (Sammy Hagar) and Alan Fitzgerald (Night Ranger, Sammy Hagar) are all busy guys, so it is so cool to see that they have made time for this band again. I listen to all these guys individually, so it is so cool to have them on record together again.
And after several years apart, they have all brought their A-Game and made this the best album of the three to date.
As you would expect from these guys, there isn't a note out of place on this album and the songs featured are just perfect.
This is American major label classic melodic rock at its very best. Classic in that it captures the best of what the 80s were about, yet it is not dated or even obviously retro. It is just classic rock. The song Road To Heaven is a brilliant opener and one of my favourite songs of the year to date. A killer chorus that isn't over the top, yet instantly memorable nevertheless.
Further feel-good rockers appear in the form of Anything Goes, Comin' Home and the awesome Remember Those Days.
The band delivers moody melodic rock like no other and I Can Breathe is another perfect example. Broken Glass is another fine example, as is the Foreigner styled Walkin' Away.
Ballads are also featured and the raw emotional vocal on Make A Stand is hard to ignore. The song builds into a great power ballad.
To further highlight another couple of songs, the emotion powered melodic rock anthem Nothin' Else I Can Do is utterly brilliant and the guys rock out on Not Done Till It's Done, which is another piece of melodic bliss.
The guys close with the fast moving Much More Innocent, which features some classic Boston style organ and great lead vocal.
The Bottom Line
I can't speak highly enough of these guys and this album. Not too heavy, not too light – just perfect, middle of the road classic melodic rock, with keyboards mixing equally with guitars and smooth vocals gliding over everything. It really is a perfectly crafted melodic rock release and I can't imagine any fans of Boston, Foreigner, 80s Sammy Hagar, and American melodic rock in general – not liking this release.
Those with the first two Alliance albums will undoubtedly find a new classic here and if this is your first Alliance album, the other two are available with bonus tracks as a digipack package from Escape Music.
This is the kind of music that sums up what is all about.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Alliance
· Missing Piece
· Road To Heaven

Line Up:
· Robert Berry: Vocals, Bass
· Gary Phil: Guitars
· David Lauser: Drums
· Alan Fitzgerald: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Alliance
· Rober Berry
· Boston
· Foreigner
Track Listing
· Road To Heaven *
· I Can Breathe *
· Make A Stand *
· Anything Goes *
· Like Me Like That
· Broken Glass
· We Don't Talk
· Comin' Home
· Nothing Else I Can Do *
· Walkin' Away
· Remember Those Days *
· Not Done Till It's Done *
· Much More Innocent *

--*Best Tracks

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