Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds Spitfire / Eagle Rock
· Produced By: Not Listed

· Running Time: 46.51

· Release Date: USA - August 2 / EU - Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 70%
Sound: 50%
I saw Alice Cooper live last week…what a great show. And what a kick-ass band! Damon Johnson and Ryan Roxie on don't get better than that. Drums are provided by Tommy Cluffetos. So why does this album sound like crap then?
Well, Alice decided to make this album a raw, rock n roll record in the best tradition of classic Rolling Stones records. It certainly features a change of pace and direction for the singer, but will fans move with him?
Alice played a few tracks off this album live - Woman Of Mass Distraction, Sunset Babies and Dirty Diamonds. They kicked ass – as they should - and gave me cause to reconsider my initial opinion of the album. But no, the album does sound like crap.
While the band are as tight as a goldfish's ass live, in the studio Alice has taken a different route. This is a stripped back almost garage band sound. The style chosen this time around is more rhythm and blues and retro. But it sounds like it was recorded in an outhouse without monitors. The title track is among the worst offenders. You don't have to forgo sonic quality to make a quick, live sounding, rock n roll record.
As for the songs – as a whole, I quite like the first half of the album. Dirty Diamonds, Sunset Babies and Woman Of Mass Distraction all have hallmarks of the classic Cooper sound. Also of interest is the Beatle-esque pop of Perfect.
But elsewhere there are a several duff tracks. The middle of the album bottoms out to a real slow pace. The acoustic Pretty Balerina and the psychedelic Zombie Dance get voted worst tracks of the album. And what is The Saga Of Jesse Jane? Sounds like a tribute to Johnny Cash! Definitely not for all Alice fans.
It's not until the rocking Steal That Car that things pick up again – briefly.
And the bonus track Stand should have been left where it came from. A rap song is one way for Alice to appeal cool to a new demographic, but those folk will not be buying this album, so leave it off.
I'm sure there will be someone that questions my understanding of the album, but I understood Brutal Planet and Eyes Of... just fine. This just doesn't come close to those two albums.
The Bottom Line
Without doubt the worst Alice Cooper album in recent memory. Brutal Planet was intense and The Eyes Of Alice Cooper was a cool,stripped back dirty rock n roll record, which still featured a decent sound. This is neither.
It sounds terrible and features some songs too diverse for the traditional Cooper audience and certainly not in keeping with the quality output of his last few records.
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Line Up:
· Alice Cooper: Vocals
· Ryan Roxie, Damnon Johnson: Guitar
· Eric Singer: Drums
· Chuck Garric: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Alice Cooper - Eyes Of Alice Cooper
Track Listing
· Woman Of Mass Distraction*
· You Make Me Wanna
· Perfect
· Dirty Diamonds*
· Pretty Ballerina
· Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)*
· Zombie Dance
· The Saga Of Jesse Jane
· Six Hours
· Steal That Car
· Run Down The Devil
· Your Own Worst Enemy
· Stand
--*Best Tracks

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