Kivel Records
Produced by: John Kivel and Vic Rivera

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Danger Danger, Harem Scarem, Tesla
GENRE: Melodic Rock

  1. Still Burning
  2. Closer
  3. Heartbreak Guaranteed
  4. If
  5. Over, Said N Done!
  6. Runaway
  7. Heartgames
  8. 41394
  9. Part Of Me
  10. Heather Please
  11. No More Chances

Adriangale are back with one of the more anticipated melodic rock releases of 2002.
The band have taken the best parts of their debut and with Re:Program have pretty much nailed the ideal formula for crunchy guitar driven melodic hard rock.
This album is a blueprint of essentials in the melodic genre - plenty of crunchy guitars, powerful vocals, good sing-a-long choruses and memorable hooks.
For anyone who enjoyed the debut, or owns Harem Scarem records and also loved Danger Danger's last couple of records, this album promises to delight.
Now having given the album a big wrap like that, it's only fair to point out a couple of short comings - which there are a couple of.
The increased intensity in the delivery of some of the album's songs is not always matched by the accompanying music. There are a few occasions where the songs sound a little thin, like there is something missing. Other tracks nail it perfectly, so it is possible.
The opening track for example is one that rocks with a big rock attitude, but sounds like it could have used an extra layer of guitar, or maybe some backing vocal fill within the chorus.
The drum sound also remains a little soft on a few tracks - a stronger, more "in your face" thump would have given the tracks an extra edge.
It's when that more aggressive approach is employed and executed perfectly that the album really comes alive. Thankfully some of the album's best songs (as far songwriting) have this edge.
Minor points…Track By Track:
Still Burning kicks off the album with a pounding drum and hard edged guitar riff. I've already mentioned the possible extra's above, but generally speaking is a great song.
Closer is a more melodic and instantly memorable track, with a strong Harem Scarem style guitar riff driving the song, featuring a moodier vocal. The melodies are memorable and the chorus is a big melodic anthem with a monster hook.
Heartbreak Guaranteed reminds me of Danger Danger big time - both style and delivery. Jamie Rowe is signing with a more aggressive edge ala Paul Laine. The chorus has a great hook, but lacks a little extra power. Yes, it is a classic hook and I love it, but the tempo of the song could have been even more intense and the chorus should have sent things into overdrive. It unfortunately sounds a little flat.
If is one of the album's best tracks. This is a great power melodic rock ballad with all the necessary elements to make it a classic. A great vocal and strong guitar riff and some fine backing vocals.
Over, Said N Done! has that Danger Danger feel to it again, with another strong guitar riff leading the track. A stronger drum sound would have again benefited the song, but Jamie is in great vocal touch. Some strong backing vocals supplement the track. Good strong hook in the chorus.
Runaway is another track which the band nail totally. This track has that extra layer of guitars and a tougher feel and it makes all the difference. Add a fantastic chorus and hook and it's one of the album's best tracks.
Heartgames is another melodic rocker with a moody edge and a strong hook filled chorus, without being over the top. Has a neat bridge and Jamie has a Jeff Keith edge to his vocal here. Good track!
41394 is a short 30 second acoustic interlude, but the hook sounds so good, I hope t will be back in a longer format one day.
Part Of Me is another of the album's best tracks. And for the same reason as mentioned earlier - the wall of guitars sound. It just sounds so much better with the extra intensity of an extra layer. The song is mid-tempo, but heavier in it's intro and chorus - a moody heartfelt vocal with one of the album's best hooks.
A return to the general uptempo rock feel of the album on Heather Please. This track features a good bridge and is a good rocking song, but the chorus could have been even bigger.
No More Chances closes the album with one of the heavier tracks of the album. Good strong riffing makes this track another solid in your face number, with Jamie again singing with an aggressive edge. The chorus doesn't match the power of others on the album, but it suits the song. A good way to close the album.
BOTTOM LINE: A good strong melodic rock album that will no doubt feature on many Best Of 2002 lists at the end of the year. And deservedly so, as the band and the label have nailed the formula for what a great melodic rock release needs. The only downside is a small lack of urgency in the delivery of the songs. The formula and sounds are perfect, but a little more attitude on a few tracks and an extra layer of guitar would have added ever more to the end result. Still one of the year's better 'classic' melodic rock releases.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of the band and Jamie Rowe, fans of Danger Danger, Harem Scarem and some Tesla fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Feel The Fire . Under The Hood . Re:Program

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