AC/DC Black Ice Columbia
· Produced By: Brendan O'Brien

· Running Time: 55.37

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: World

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: AC/DC
Songs: 80%
Sound: 90%
I'm a bit late for this review, so most opinions have been formed already. It will be interesting to read the interactive reviews once this gets posted online.
AC/DC are an institution and remain one of the most revered bands in rock n roll history. They are one band that has stayed true to themselves over the years without ever following any number of trends that have formed around them.
Their ever reliable sound has earned them respect and their critics, but there is something comforting about getting a new album and just knowing how it is going to sound before you even put it on.
And no matter what the quality of the overall material, there is something joyful about hearing that guitar riff once again.
Few bands in all history can stack their catalogue against AC/DC, so all that remains is to analyze the contents of their latest opus, some 8 years after the last studio album.
And no surprise…it's more of the same familiar riffing, gruff vocals and that simple rock n roll formula which has served the band well over 30 years.
Will this album compete with Back In Black, High Voltage, TNT or Fly On The Wall? No…of course not, but it still sounds great and 15 new 3-minute bar room rockers are always welcome.
There's no Thunderstruck on here either, but there are some groovers. Not sure Runaway Train was the most inspired opening track or single and AC/DC unfortunately still suffers from the plods, with 3 or 4 too many tempo killers on this record. It should be no surprise then, that my personal favourites are the songs that kick it into high gear like Anything Goes, War Machine, Wheels, Stormy May Day and Rocking All The Way.
The Bottom Line
Another AC/DC record and another decent hard rock record. No ground broken, but nor was it expected to be. Probably not worth the 8 year wait based on the overall strength of the material, but AC/DC remain a timeless band. Lastly, I would rather have seen the band use an Australian producer to try and harness that old school raw energy a little more…Brendan O'Brien is a fine producer, but very slick at all times.
Discography / Previously Reviewed

Line Up:
· Brian Johnson: Vocals
· Angus Young, Malcolm Young: Guitars
· Phil Rudd: Drums
· Cliff Williams: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Acca Dacca
Track Listing
· Rock 'N Roll Train
· Skies On Fire
· Big Jack
· Anything Goes *
· War Machine *
· Smash 'N Grab
· Spoilin' For a Fight
· Wheels *
· Decibel
· Stormy May Day *
· She Likes Rock N' Roll
· Money Made
· Rock N' Roll Dream
· Rocking All the Way *
· Black Ice

--*Best Tracks

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