91 Suite Times They Change Vicious Records
· Produced By: 91 Suite

· Running Time: 51.34

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock / AOR

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 93%
This, quite simply, is an instant classic. I'm a big fan of albums that grow on you as you get to know them, but sometimes you need one to jump right out of the speakers the very first spin smack you one. I can see a lot of melodic rock fans getting very excited over this album.
Spain's 91 Suite made their mark with a very strong debut album, but blow it out of the water with this even more impressive affair.
The guys have toughened their sound just a touch and moved away from the Journey-esque comparisons of their debut to a bigger stadium friendly sound more in line with the type of melodic Bon Jovi style hard rock perfected by Johnny Lima and Jaded Heart.
And it gets even better. For fans awaiting Harem Scarem to return to the sound of their first two albums – don't worry, 91 Suite do it for you. There is a strong dose of classic Harem Scarem in the guitar parts on this album.
And for those who have discovered the very melodic but rocking UK band Pride - 91 Suite's sound will definitely have a familiarity to it.
There is so much for fans of classic melodic rock and AOR to love about this release. The songs are well written and equally balanced between moodier melodic numbers and the more guitar driven uptempo tracks.
The album sequence is such that there isn't a single weak moment and the album flows beautifully from track to track.
Track By Track:
The guys open up with the rocker Seal It With A Kiss, which showcases the new direction. The angst ridden track has all the passion one could hope for and reminds me of the layered melodies of Pride.
I Wanna Be In Love is even better. With a touch of Harem Scarem in the guitar parts and more complex melodies, the song soars through the chorus.
Tell Me Why is a more aggressive uptempo rocker, with a heavier guitar role throughout.
Far Away is the first ballad of the album and is everything melodic rock fans could hope for – especially those Johnny Lima and Michael Bormann fans out there.
Times They Change is utterly brilliant. It features a classic chorus, Pete Lesperance guitar riffs and is nice and moody.
Every Day Goes By follows on seamlessly and is another memorable song, but it is Hopes And Dreams that like the title track, blows me away. Beautiful soaring vocals, a strong guitar riff and a killer chorus. Again this reminds me of UK rockers Pride, but regardless is brilliant and is in line for song of the year.
Another Reason is perhaps the most Harem Scarem like track of the album and is a definite nod to the Mood Swings album – just check out the soloing!
Wings Of Fire sounds like a Johnny Lima anthem – another classy song with a great chorus.
Stand Beside You is a slow and passionate power ballad that AOR fans will love.
Hard To Forget is a straight ahead guitar fuelled rocker that will again please Lima/Jovi fans, and what a vocal performance.
Will You Ever is another uptempo, but moody melodic rocker with a very catchy, very memorable AOR chorus.
Remember The Good Times closes the album just as you would hope – a breezy uptempo rocker with plenty of keyboards and another strong chorus.
The Bottom Line
91 Suite have taken more than 3 years to record this album and the time taken in songwriting shows. The change of direction is perfectly timed as AOR struggles to be original. The tougher, yet thoroughly melodic songs are delivered with power and passion and I can imagine this release being at or near the top of quite a number of end of year best of lists.
You will of course notice a lot of comparisons drawn while reviewing the album. Times May Change is an apt title, times may change indeed, but there is not need to change a winning formula when it is done this well. Classic style melodic rock dished up in a very classy package.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· 91 Suite
· Times They Change

Line Up:
· Jesús Espin: Vocals, Backing Vocals
· Iván González: Guitar, Backing Vocals
· Francisco J. Cerezo: Guitar, Backing Vocals
· Mario Mallo: Drums
· Antonio M. Ruiz: Bass
· Daniel Morata: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
· Harem Scarem - Mood Swings
· Johnny Lima
· Pride
· Bon Jovi
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· Pride - Far From The Edge
Track Listing
· Intro
· Seal It With A Kiss *
· I Wanna Be In Love *
· Tell Me Why
· Far Away
· Times They Change *
· Every Day Goes By
· Hopes And Dreams *
· Another Reason *
· Wings Of Fire *
· Stand Beside You
· Hard To Forget *
· Will You Ever
· Remember The Good Times
-- *Best Tracks

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