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Neil Zaza

Press Release:
NEW YORK—July 21, 2002 – The team behind the most "Rompin' and Stompin'" cartoon ever created, "Smarks: The Pro Wrestling Cartoon" is very proud to announce the addition of guitar virtuoso Neil Zaza as musical to the creative force behind taking the popular web toon to the next level.
"His melodic taste and his unsurpassed ability in so many different styles made him my first choice in taking on the task of creating a unique sound for not only the cartoon, but for each character as well," said Smarks Entertainment President Al Isaacs. "Neil's name is going to become a household word once people hear his incredible work."
As one of the guitar world's most sought-after educators, Zaza maintains a year-round clinic tour schedule, conducting events throughout North America and abroad when he isn't out on tour with his own band. Zaza is featured in a variety of international music publications, performs regularly at major trade shows and guitar festivals, has won numerous reader's polls for "Best Guitarist", as well as writes a monthly guitar column for Gig Magazine. With his unique blend of soulful melodicism, stunning technique, and good songwriting, Neil Zaza is widely known and acknowledged as one of the top instrumental guitarists out today.
"I am extremely excited by the potential of Smarks. It is a totally cutting edge production in all senses with a sensibility that will strike a chord in any demographic that experiences it. Upon my first viewing of the work, I knew exactly how I would approach the musical content matching music with the diverse personalities that the strip provides. I can tell this is going to be a labor of love for me..." says Zaza.
Smarks: The Pro Wrestling Cartoon is one of the most popular traditional four-panel cartoons currently on the internet. In addition to Al Isaacs, who also serves as head writer, the cartoon's creative team also includes artist Ted Smith and writer/consultant Terry Taylor, who himself is a pro wrestler and former creative force behind the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) and World Championship Wrestling. The cartoon is currently in the process of being developed for television, film, and other mediums.
http://www.smarks.tv & www.neilzaza.com


The first sing of life for the new Zebra recording has appeared online. Randy Jackson has posted a full length MP3 for download on the band's website.
The song, Arabia Nights is online now. More news on the album release will be available shortly.
Go to the Zebra website now!

File it under amazing wonders - the Zebra album is done! Randy Jackson confirmed for me this week that the long awaited new Zebra album is done and it will be released this year.
I am promised full details of the album in the next couple of weeks.

Zinny J Zan

Press Release:
Zinny J. Zan will release his first solo record via FastLane Records April 1st aptly titled City Boy Blues.
As of late Zinny, will be appearing in a tv mini-series called 'Wannabe' which entails the life of the on/off the road adventure of a promising, upcoming rock band. Zinny, was chosen for the part of tour/road manager as well as mentor due to his 20 year experience in the rock field, fronting, such acts as Sweden's own legends Easy Action and the L.A. based Shotgun Messiah.
Zinny, has had numerous projects over the years but has settled into his own with his solo record which showcases his songwriting talent. City Boy Blues will house such cuts as (the first single) Grin-n- Bare It, Wild As A Rose, Believe, Love Is Like Fire to name a few.
Backed with a powerhouse band Zinny J. Zan make his triumphant return to the rock world to make his mark and recapture the essence of 'REAL' Rock-n-Roll sadly, lacking in today's music.