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MTM Music and Terry Ilous have confirmed that XYZ have signed to the German label for a new hard rock album.
The melodic rock band from the late 80's have reformed and the new album features the original members Terry Ilous on vocals, Paul Monroe on drums, Marc Diglio on guitars and new member JK Northrup (guitars), who has just released his new Best Of Play It On 11 album on MTM.
Sean McNabb will play bass. Vinnie Appice will also appear on a few songs.
Terry e-mailed me to add: "We are working on the album as now. Expect a release early 2003, but fans should be able to listen to some tracks sooner by going to my web terryilous.com or mp3 site. I am very very excited although I have been away from the heavy scene concentrating on my movie career (lots of soap opera and voice over career - I've done the Rugrats...etc etc and many more!) I realized that what I love best is sing melodic hard rock so...."