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John Waite

John Waite just seems to be one unlucky guy when it comes to record labels.
Having recorded three albums for three labels in recent years - two of those labels have the dubious distinction of closing.
Today it was Gold Circle Entertainment, the label John signed a multi-album deal with, which started with the release of his latest solo record Figure In A Landscape.
John's recording future is again under review and I hope to make contact with the singer sometime this week.
Here's the label's Press Release:
Gold Circle Diskery Shutters
Mon Jun 10, 723 AM ET
By Justin Oppelaar
NEW YORK (Variety) - Fledgling record label Gold Circle Entertainment, whose roster includes singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks and '80s pop-rocker John Waite, said Friday that it will close its doors and lay off its 25 staffers.
"Due to an increasingly tough economic climate, we have been put in the extremely difficult position of having to downsize a company that was beginning to show some very promising signs," president and CEO Rob Dillman said in a statement.
The bulk of the company's staff, including the promotion, sales and advertising departments, will leave the building at the end of June. A few execs -- including Dillman -- will stay on longer to try to find a home for Gold Circle's acts. The boutique label was started by Gateway Computer co-founder Norm Waitt Jr.


Press Release:
New York hard rock outfit WestWorld had their sophomore effort, Skin debut at college and commercial radio last week to an unexpected flood of support, coming in at #3 on FMQB and Top 10 Album Network, Westworld frontman Tony Harnell (also of the band TNT), remarks, "It's great to be back. I'm very proud of this album and am really pleased with how it's being received at radio and by the fans. We made an honest album and it seems to be hitting a nerve. Maybe we're filling a void, I don't know."
Harnell will be co-hosting the Tour Bus with Ralph Sutton on Saturday July 6th from 8pm to midnight EST. Tony will be taking calls, playing some of his favourite songs and interviewing Geoff Tate from Queensryche. Please check www.thetourbus.com for stations in local areas.
Tuesday, July 9th sees the North American release of WestWorld's Skin through Dreamscape Music Group. Distributed by Mayhem / ADA (a division of AOL / Time - Warner) the album has already pre-sold through it's first pressing. The band will continue to do shows throughout the Northeast in support of the release. Please check www.dreamscape-group.com for upcoming WestWorld contests.


A small Whitesnake update for you today, with a promise of more to come shortly. David Coverdale's camp confirmed to me plans for 2003 - "Yes, David's looking at putting a revamped Whitesnake together for a world tour..."
Negotiations are yet to be finalised, but line up speculation has guitarist/songwriter John Sykes involved. If the pair do team up, it will be for the first time since completing the recording of the now infamous Whitesnake / 1987 album.

Butch Walker

Butch Walker, formerly of SouthGang and Marvelous 3, has launched his solo website and details of his upcoming solo album Left of Self-Centered, due from Arista Records soon.

Nu-breed melodic rockers from the USA Supermint have been creating waves with their excellent self-titled debut album. Check out samples of the guys catchy Rubber/Cheap Trick style rock n roll at: www.supermintmusic.com.
For their next album, the guys are just finishing up pre-production for the CD and plan to start recording in January.
Even better news is that Butch Walker of Marvelous 3 is tentatively scheduled to produce the album. The guys told me they plan the next CD to be heavier than the debut, but still feature a ton of harmony. Chip from Enuff Z Nuff has been heloing the guys with pre-production. You wil hear more from these guys!


Westworld's first studio album for Z Records is now being recorded, the confirmed title for the forthcoming album is Act III

White Diamond

Don Lemmon is looking for actors with long hair that can play musicians OR musicians that think they can act to be the 'younger' version of White Diamond for the American Dreamer film being shot shortly.
Apparently there will be a lot of flashback footage relating back to 1990 and if interested you be either in Las Vegas, NV, able to relocate to Las Vegas, NV be Caucasian (sorry) and no younger than 21 or older than 24 years of age.
2 guitarists, one who also plays keyboards, a bassist, drummer and vocalist will be selected. Filming occurs over the upcoming summer. Contact Don via: www.whitediamond-demos.com

For a band with a short history, White Diamond have secured themselves a fair slice of publicity. Here's a new Press Release from the man behind the band Don Lemmon:
"We are all aware of the Don Lemmon/Jack Michaels debate. According to the new White Diamond documentary, despite what the film depicts, he was not bassist but instead the vocalist. The stories of which band member really did what in the film were jumbled around to protect the innocent and guilty alike.
Bjorn Westum, a Norwegian, was hired to redo vocals in order to protect the anonymity of the actual band but the cat is now loose and out of control.
They were not going to announce who was in the band at all due not only to politics in film (where soundtrack bands aren't taken seriously by most labels), but the fact that the film deals directly with the downside of labels to begin with.
Some of WD's members have contracts with other bands and did not want to cause conflict of interest. However, with the success at MP3.com, the resulting downloads and enquiries via their official site (not to mention the advanced purchases of the documentary), White Diamond has reformed and is recording an all new album to be released by Spring. The band's original demos are released this month and the documentary comes either just before or directly after the holidays." Here is the official line-up for the demos:
Lemmon of course replaces Westum on the upcoming CD.
Vocals: Bjorn Westum of Winter Parade on the demos, Lemmon on the official album
Guitars: Neal Grusky of Takara
Guitars: M.I.T. Grad Jay Von Mohr of the "Mr Hefner" song fame
Bass: Bjorn Englen of Heaven & Earth
Drums: Dave Jordan of June Street