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Thunder are of course reforming to play the Monsters of Rock tour in November in Britain.
Headlining the tour is Alice Cooper, with Thunder and more bands still to be added.
The full list of the 'Monsters Of Rock' live dates are:
London Wembley Arena, Saturday November 16th
Brighton Centre, Sunday November 17th
Bournemouth Centre, Tuesday November 19th
Manchester Arena, Wednesday November 20th
Glasgow Clyde Auditorium, Friday November 22nd
Birmingham NEC, Saturday November 23rd
Cardiff International Arena, Monday November 25th

John Taglieri

Press Release:
Maximum Velocity Records Signs John Taglieri for New Single Release!
Maximum Velocity Records, along with Leap Dog Music and Ego Trip Entertainment, is proud to announce the signing of John Taglieri to Maximum Velocity Records for his newest single, Angels Among Us. The song, previously released independently by Leap Dog Music, received such a great response that Maximum Velocity Records has decided to sign and release the song to a national audience. The song will be released on Tuesday, August 27th, 2002.
The song is a powerful, haunting ballad about the events of September 11th and the ensuing war. It has stirred the hearts of all that have heard it, frequently quieting entire rooms at Taglieri's live shows. Speaking from his heart and singing from his soul, Taglieri delivers the song with such emotion that one cannot help but feel the desperation and sincere sympathy that he conveys to his listeners.
"John Taglieri was in the unfortunate situation of seeing the events of 9/11 happen directly in front of him and Angels Among Us is the result of him taking a long hard look at those who came to NYC's rescue when it was needed the most. We believe the song will send John down avenues, both musically and on a grander scale, that he hadn't expected to cross so early in his career..." said Dave Tedder of Ego Trip Entertainment, Taglieri's manager.
"This song will open a lot of doors for John, and once venues learn that he's available for both full band performances as well as solo acoustic shows, we fully expect the touring schedule to fill up quickly..." said Kathy Wagner of Panzyler Entertainment, the agent for Taglieri and his band.
The label and Taglieri are already in talks about his upcoming CD and the possibilities of signing him to a full deal going forward. Information about the charities to be involved will be released soon.


Teer guitarist Shane French sent me an update on the band's activities. Many have e-mail me asking after the band, so here you go!
"After a year of pursuing individual goals and re-evaluating the direction and line-up of the band, we've decided to re-group and write new material. The only change in personnel will be a replacement for Don Crandall on bass.
Also, we are seeking a new label and a producer that can better capture the energy of the band. Future releases from Teer will hopefully have the "edge" that so many fans and journalists at the Gods '99 & 2000 were impressed with.
I am in the process of contacting labels for a new deal, and soon we will begin rehearsing and demoing songs with a new bassist. We hope to see all of our fans abroad soon. Thanks for your patience and support!"


A new band is being formed in Sweden that promises to deliver some interesting musical results later this year.
Tykoon is the name of the band that features Tommy Denander, Lars Chriss (Lions Share), Leif Sundin (Great King Rat, Schenker, Norum), Andy Loos (Glory) and a drummer to be named soon.
I have been told that the band's sound will be along the lines of Winger, Def Leppard's Pyromania, Kiss, ie: classic hard melodic rock.
The guys are apparently absolutely determined to put out a world class record and have been working hard on the songs and the hooks.
I've been promised more details shortly, so stay tuned!


Ronnie LeTekro has added his comments to news that TNT have signed with Z for new material. Ronnie says: "I'm proud to be a part of Z Records and I'm looking forward to recreate the melodic AOR guitar for the new millennium, with my favourite musicians on earth...Tony, Morty & Diesel of TNT."

Z Records have announced, with great pleasure, the signing of one of the most respected melodic Hard Rock acts in the World.
After long negotiations an agreement has been reached regarding the recording of new material by the classic line up of Norwegian legends TNT. TNT released 4 classic albums between 1984 - 1992: Knights Of The New Thunder, Tell No Tales, Intuition and Realised Fantasies.
The reformed line up features Tony Harnell, Ronni Le Tekro, Morty Black and Diesel Dahl, with work will commence during May on new material.
Lead singer Tony Harnell commented:
"It's great to have finally worked out a plan for TNT. Ronni and I have been talking along with original members Morty Black and Diesel Dahl for the past couple of years to figure out when we could all do this. We're starting with an EP for Z because Universal in Norway is releasing a new Best Of album and we decided that we'd record a new song for that and at the same time record a couple more new ones for the rest of the world just to kick things off.
The plan is to tour Europe and possibly Japan in the fall to support both releases. We're really happy that Mark Alger and Z are on board and we feel that it will be a successful journey for us together. We would like to see a new full length album out sometime in 2003. Cheers everyone! Tony"
Z Records label boss Mark Alger commented:
"Tony had mentioned a possible reunion to me as far back as late 1999, obviously we later signed Westworld and we thought the proposal had been shelved for good. Then a month or so ago Tony mentioned the reunion again and asked for my opinion. Well I still play my TNT albums on a regular basis so I of course wanted to know more, the result the signing of TNT. I have found working with Tony very enjoyable and look forward to an even longer working relationship with himself and the other members of TNT."
Further news re the bands activities will be posted shortly.

Truth Of Fiction

Truth Of Fiction are a melodic hard rock band that will have their debut album out via Lion Music this (Northern) spring. They've been compared to Mr. Big and Living Colour.


Now and Then / Frontiers are pleased to announce that the self-titled debut album from Talon has been completed and mixing has just been finished by Mikey Davis and John Parker at Mikey Davis's Studio in Los Angeles.
The album is currently being mastered by Mark Chaleki (Megadeth, Creed) at Capitol Mastering in Hollywood, CA.
The final track listing is: Wrecking Ball; Fire in your Soul; Still you Run; Calling you Tonight; Talon in my Heart; Falling Star; Mother Mary May I; Holding you Soon; All is not Forgiven; Livin' for your Love; Rock 'n' Roll Runaway.
The album has a scheduled release date in Europe on May 22nd 2002. The release already looks to be one of the most highly anticipated Melodic Hard Rock CD's of the year!

Tygers Of Pan Tang

The Tygers Of Pan Tang are touring the UK in the coming weeks. Titled the Cybernation British Tour 2002, the set of gigs is named after the band's new 6 track demo CD, which I have been fortunate enough to hear.
I will say that the material is definitely a step in the right direction and is definitely stronger than the band's 'comeback' release of 2002.


The new live Talisman album that was recorded at Sweden Rock Festival last summer is finally ready for the stores! The release date is not set yet, but if everything goes as planed it should be in released in April. The album is mixed by Pontus Norgren and Ulf Larsson at NMW studio and Platform studio.


Thunder's guitarist Luke Morley and the band's singer Danny Bowes have re-united in the studio to record an album for release in the first half of 2002.
This Press Release was sent out Christmas eve:
Former Thunder band mates Luke Morley and Danny Bowes have been tucked away in the studio in London since November, working on a joint project for release in the first half of next year. The LP features guest musicians and singers a-plenty, though no details have been confirmed yet.
Likewise for label and release date, but they wanted all visitors to luke-morley.com to know the great news first. They expect to complete the album over the next week or so.
Comments from Luke:
It's great to be riding the range again with my old mucker. We've had a lot of fun in the studio and explored some new avenues, and we re looking forward to getting it out there as soon as possible. In the meantime have a great Christmas and an drunken New Year and we'll see you all again very soon!
I have to say I thoroughly resent being called a mucker! Seriously though it s not how I planned it would be, but when I heard the tunes I knew we had to do this LP. It s been nice working with Luke again, singing new tunes is always a thrill, and recording with different musicians has been extremely stimulating. The big test is finding out if anyone bloody likes it though, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. Merry Doo Dah to all, Ho Ho Ho, Turkey, Gobble Santa, Rudolph etc

Ty Tabor

Ty Tabor:
The Kings X frontman will release a solo album titled Safety through Metal Blade on April 9.


Ten have confirmed the appointment of their new lead guitarist. Ten were delighted with both the response to the auditions, which was incredible and the standard of the contenders, which was extremely high.
Ten would like to send a big thank you all those who applied and wish them all the very best in their future careers.
As of 11 January 2002, Ten are proud to announce that the new lead guitarist is Chris Francis.
Chris is 25 years old and hails from Kent. He graduated from the London Guitar Institute (G.I.T.) with honours in 1999 and reached the finals of Guitarist magazine's 'Guitarist of the Year' contest one month later. He did even better in 2000 by winning the 'Guitarist of the Year' award and has not looked back since.
Reviews of his debut solo album included:
'Chris Francis debut album features nine instrumentals combining the tone of Eddie, the melodic ear of Nuno, the technique of Yngwie and - perhaps most importantly of all - the feel of Satch et al.' - Simon Bradley, Guitarist magazine.
'An incredibly diverse showcase of instrumental prowess' Ben Bartlett - Guitarist Magazine.

Ten are very pleased to welcome Chris into the band and look forward to introducing him to their fans on the road in 2002, where they are sure that Chris will receive a warm welcome.
Chris is very excited about playing in Ten and welcomes the position without any hesitation. Gary Hughes has said "Chris was exceptional at the auditions, there were other guys who came very close, but Chris edged past them, displaying a rare ability seen in very few Guitarists. We are certain that he will be a very exciting and positive addition to the band".
Catch Ten live in Europe and Japan from February onwards 2002. Chris has his own site which can be found at www.chrisfrancis.net

Ten guitarist Vinny Burns has bid farewell to the band he has called home for the past 6 years.
A Press Release has been sent out by vocalist Gary Hughes:
"Regrettably, Vinny Burns has made a decision to part company with Ten.
Ten would like to assure the fans that the band will continue. All plans for the Album release of Far Beyond The World are in place. The band's 2002 touring and promotion plans are unaffected.
Vinny has left the band for his own reasons.
The rest of band wish him the best of success with his career, and would like to thank him for the years he has spent in Ten and the good times that he brought to those years.
Ten will begin the audition process immediately to find a replacement for Vinny. For anyone who may be interested in auditioning please write, preferably with an audition tape to:
STS Touring Productions.,
Unit 104, Cariocca Business Park, 2, Hellidon Close, Ardwick, Manchester. M12 4AH UK
Ten look forward to seeing you all again on tour in the new year when we look forward to extensively promoting our new album Far Beyond The World.
Watch this space for details.
Gary Hughes

Vinny also sent his own message to me and several rock wires. It reads:
Hi. Just confirming the news on the www.ten-online.com message board about my decision to leave Ten.
As I stated there, I am not happy being in the band anymore. I have my reasons but don't really want to get into a public argument about it. I would like to thank all the fans for their support over the years and hope to see them on any solo outings.
All the very best. Vinny.

Tall Stories

ex-Tall Stories guitarist Jack Morer just responded to an e-mail I sent him, asking how he was and what he's been up to. I thought I would share some of his news with everyone.
Jack has continued his work in music, but isn't involved in the industry as such.
He is a freelance musician who has been working in several Broadway Orchestra's for shows like Mamma Mia, By Jeeves, Swing! & Saturday Night Fever to name a few.
He has also been involved in recording sessions and writing music for television.
Jack adds that one "...ongoing labour of love.." for him is Clancy Bone, featuring John Conte (Company Of Wolves) on bass, Jeff Kazee (Southside Johnny, Michael Bolton) on piano and organ, Marco Giovino (GE Smith) on drums. The band is an all instrumental "funky, spy, soul, rhumba, swamp groove soup", who play around NYC whenever the mood strikes us and everyone is in town.
Interestingly, Jack finished by saying "...my experience with Tall Stories was one of the most important and fulfilling moments of my life but I am a much happier and productive person now that I don't have to deal with heartless and artistically stifling politics of the record industry."

Chris Thompson

I don't normally like to recommend people leave my site immediately, but in this case, do so now! Click on over to Chris Thompson.com, where the legendary vocalist has made available MP3 Downloads of his two rare / long deleted solo albums.
High Cost Of Living is a singer/songwriter melodic rock masterpiece and has long been a personal favourite. The other album, The Beat Of Love is a little more poppy and somewhat weaker, but is still well worth the download.
Full credit to Chris for offering these tracks for download - it's a wonderful gesture.
Links: High Cost of Living & Beat of Love