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Jeff Scott Soto

Contrary to what has been previously announced, the new Jeff Scott Soto album will be titled Prism.
Some of the song titles include: 2 Late For Goodbyes, Heaven Knows, Don't Come Easy, Eyes Of Love, By Your Side, Holding On, Don't Wanna Say Goodbye, How Long, Til The End of Time, I Want To Take You Higher (duet with Glenn Hughes).
Videos for the songs Holdin On and Eyes Of Love will be shot in the next few weeks. One of those will be made exclusively available on a single EP which will released before the full album is out.
Fans of the melodic rock side of Jeff's songwriting will definitely enjoy this new release of the ex-Malmsteen, Eyes, Axel Rudi Pell and current Humanimal singer! Release date is tentatively scheduled for early November 2002.
As a special bonus we are also pleased to announce the re-release in budget price of the first Jeff Scott Soto solo album Love Parade initially published on Long Island Records in 1995.

Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions are more than happy to give a warm welcome in the family of artists to Jeff Scott Soto!
The truly amazing singer has indeed joined the roster of the label with a multi-album worldwide deal.
The solo album, which is already in the recording stages, will see the light of day in late 2002 and shall feature an unbelievably amazing set of melodic hard rock songs in the best power-Talisman style.

While on the subject of Glenn Hughes, he has teamed with Jeff Scott Soto for a cover version of Sly And The Family Stone's I Wanna Take You Higher. The song was recorded for Jeff's planned solo album.

Jeff Scott Soto was kind enough to forward the following to me...
Yo - a little tidbit from the Official Queen Fan Site ( www.queenworld.com):
It's all VERY quiet around here at the moment, but it's getting very exciting for the second North American Convention in Cleveland.... we have now CONFIRMED our live music! Yippee! We have a band specially put together for the event known as Leroy Brown featuring the one and only Jeff Scott Soto from LA and a Cleveland based tribute band called Disco Inferno (don't worry about the name, although they are VERY well known in Cleveland for their disco tribute, they're all rock musicians at heart!). It's going to be brilliant and has now for me made what would have been a GREAT weekend, even GREATER! If you haven't booked yet then do so now - you wont want to miss this exciting weekend!
Click the banner below - although the "early registration" deadline has now passed, we WILL accept late registrations - you just wont get a free tee shirt! (but you will be able to buy one!). We now have live music, disco, mime, karaoke, raffle, auction, personal band messages, Burns guitars demonstration, Jim Jenkins, quiz, swap meet and all the Queen music and videos you can handle - plus of course the chance to spend the entire weekend talking, singing and watching nothing BUT Queen with fellow fans. How can you resist that?! See you there!...
Hopefully Jeff will be able to educate some Queen fans on Talisman and Takara also, but I am sure they will be blown away by his Queen covers. Let Me Entertain You indeed!

Paul Samson

A guestbook has been set up for fans of Paul Samson to sign and send his family messages. Access it through Paul's Official website: www.paulsamson.co.uk/
RIP Paul.


After a long period of studio work, finally news from SR-71! This today from their mailing list:
After spending most of 2000 and 2001 out on the road in support of their gold debut album, Now You See Inside, SR-71 have finished recording the much-anticipated follow-up entitled Tomorrow.
Co-produced by Neal Avron (Everclear, New Found Glory, Seven & The Sun), Butch Walker (Marvelous 3), and SR-71 frontman Mitch Allan, Tomorrow follows on the heels of the band's huge modern rock hit Right Now.
The first single, also entitled Tomorrow, hits rock radio at the end of August and the album will be in stores this fall.
SR-71 is scheduled to begin touring in September.

Popular Nu-Breed rockers SR-71 are heading back to the studio for album number 2. Here's an update from the band's Mitch Allen:
"It's Mitch from SR-71. Well I'm sure you are all wondering what we have been doing for the past 6 months.....The answer is...writing a new record.
We will be in the studio through May of 2002 and hope to have a new CD in your hands by September. Why so long you ask??? Hey...Rome wasn't built in a day! ) We are making the bomb of a record!!! After 2 years on the road and going around the world twice...there is a lot to write about!
As far as touring...look for us to be on the road by the summer time. In the next few weeks we will have a new web page up at the same address www.SR-71.net. It will be easier to navigate and have all the information you need to see us live. We will also be posting updates from the studio including bits of new songs, arguments, and the usual crap that happens while making a record.
Lastly, thanks for being patient. We can't wait to get back out there and see you guys, and for you to hear our new stuff."


Studio Report from Bruce Mee @ Fireworks magazine.
Pomp-metallers Saracen have reformed after almost twenty years in the wilderness. Mainman and lead-guitarist Rob Bendelow informs us of where things are currently up to.
"We've currently done drums, bass and keyboards completed for all twelve tracks. Vocals and guitars completed for nine tracks - three tracks yet to finish are Jekyll & Hyde, Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Follow the Piper."
As fans will no doubt know, 'Horsemen....' is a re-recording of one of the epic tracks from the Saracen debut, Heroes, Saints and Fools, the title rack which is also getting a make over for the upcoming album Red Sky. How do these remakes differ from the originals.
"Hardly at all in terms of song structure, but plenty in terms of 'umph'. The key vocal passages are getting the harmony support that hey always 'deserved', whilst the guitar & drums now have the intrinsic power that we didn't quite capture first time around. Looking back, we ealise now that the studio engineers and producers we worked with in the early 80's took one look at our equipment line-up, and privately assumed we were in the 'Genesis' mode, or perhaps a little heavier, like say 'Magnum'. So understandably, we seemed to end up with a very pleasant but rather bland-ish sound, compared to the 'live' Saracen. But this time it really rocks. Jamie's Pearl kit, and my Gibson SGs can certainly dish it out!"
As well as the afore-mentioned tracks, two songs of Rob's Templar solo project are getting a make-over Faith and Angel Eyes. Both these songs were excellent, so how do they sound after having the Saracen treatment?
"Again very similar in terms of structure, but bigger vocals throughout. Music reviewers across Europe have described these two songs as AOR classics etc etc, which is very flattering of course, so our treatment of them as Saracen simply tries to build on those compliments - both songs have big choruses, now enhanced with the layered vocal approach that appears to be the talisman of AOR. And rock fans will also get to hear German songstress Dagi Kaletsch wooing Steve on 'Angel Eyes'!"
Having heard the unmixed demo of this track, I can vouch for the effect of the layered vocals. When the chorus of 'Angel Eyes' crashes through the speakers, it kicks like a donkey on steroids! Wonderful stuff, as are the crunching chords to be found throughout the CD, especially on the title track. This time around the album is being recorded in Rob's home studio, and I wondered how this compared with previous studio experiences.
"Wonderful!" exclaims Rob in a happy voice. "Recording here at 'Rivendell Studios' is pretty much ideal for us. I guess studio work is all about trying to bring together artistic desires and technical possibilities. Here we seem to be doing just that so far, partly because of another precious resource that Rivendell gives us.....time!"
And that time has certainly paid off, as this album promises to be the monster that Saracen always had within them to make - classic rock epics with astounding modern production techniques. The album should be completed by the end of the summer, and as Rob points out, the release "...should then sit nicely with our first 'live' appearance in 20 years."

Mike Stone

Acclaimed UK rock music producer Mike Stone died last week at the age of 51.
Stone won acclaim for his work with Journey, Asia, Ten, Queen and Kiss, amongst others.
Asia will dedicate the forthcoming Geffen Years - Anthologia to his memory.
There has been no press attributing to the cause of his death, but it is no big secret that Mike battled alcoholism for many years.
RIP Mike.

Street Legal

Street Legal - Official press release.
Members Ken Ingwersen and Bjorn Olav Lauvdal (BOL) have left Street Legal.
The departure has been amicable. Ken Ingwersen wishes to focus on a career as a producer and songwriter. BOL has been employed as controller in one of Scandinavia's biggest constructing companies, which makes it impossible for him to focus on a professional career as a musician, and he wishes to spend time with his family as he recently became a father. Although. Singer and bass player Bjorn Boge will continue Street Legal with a new lineup.
The parties wishes to stress the fact that it's not the usual "musical and personal differences" that leads to this departure. Bjorn and Ken recently did a gig with Love Shack, an 80's tribute band.
BOL has threatened to play tambourine on the bonus track for Japan on the next Street Legal release...Someday he might even be back-Spinal Tap-drummers that disappear-we all know how it is. The threesome still hang out as friends and meet for a beer at Rock In -Oslo's #1 Metal club.
"We wish to thank the fans for making our debut album Thunderdome such a big success for us. And I can promise that the next Street Legal album will be the same mixture of melody and energy. Thunderdome will be a tough one to follow, but I can only thank BOL and Ken for making that something that we're all very proud of." Says Bjorn Boge. "I will announce the new Street Legal lineup as soon as everything is settled. Watch out for a really interesting combination of musicians. Street Legal is very much alive and kickin'. The tour bus-crash last year almost killed me, but it won't kill Street Legal-no way !"

Skid Row

Press Release:
Skid Row To Release Thick Is The Skin In Early 2003 - July 6, 2002
The revamped Skid Row, featuring new vocalist Johnny Solinger, have finished recording eight or nine songs for the group's long-awaited comeback release, tentatively titled Thick Is The Skin, which is tentatively due to surface in early 2003 through an as-yet-undetermined label. Among the cuts set to appear on the group's first new CD since 1995's Subhuman Race are the following: Thick Is The Skin . Ghost . Born A Beggar . Glam . Swallow Me . Mouth Of Voodoo . Down
I can add a little to that - Rachel Bolan recently told me that Atlantic Records have first right of refusal over the finished album, and if they pass, the band will shop it to other perspective labels.


Stone will be opening for Cinderella at The House of Blues in Los Angeles on Sept.7th!!! Tickets are on sale now! For more info, you can check out the House of Blues website at www.hob.com and Stone can be reached at stone@stonelive.com or 818-754-1434. www.stonelive.com

Stone have been recording at the famous Southern California studio, Total Access, with engineers Brian Daugherty and Wyn Davis. This will be the band's third CD and a follow-up to their last release, the popular Here Before, released in 1999. Doug Aldrich, who engineered Here Before, introduced the band to Wyn and Brian. Doug has just completed guitar duties for Ronnie James Dio's newest CD, also engineered by Wyn and Brian.
This new CD, which will celebrate the band's six years of blues rockin' music together, will contain 12 songs and a bonus instrumental track. Some of the song titles include Southern Cali Girl, Got The Feeling, Black Coffee At Sunrise and Two Belong. One of the new songs, Last Call is an ode to romance at bar closing time and was an easy one to write since the band performs all year, logging hundreds of shows in the nightclubs.
Some wonderful surprise guest musicians make an appearance on the CD, adding an LA vibe and bringing some of the jams and excitement of the band's live show to the record.
Expect the new CD in stores this fall and a new song available on the band's MP3 download page. Check the website for updates.
Tour dates will take the band through 2003. Check the website for the dates. More info at: www.stonelive.com

Street Talk

Press Release
The long awaited third Street Talk album Restoration is finally completed after a long period of studio sessions between February - July 2002.
Restoration was mainly recorded at the Soundcreation studios Bollnäs, Sweden and was produced by Street Talk keyboard player Fredrik Bergh.
The album will be released in Europe on September 23 through MTM Music (www.mtm-music.com) and on September 21 in Japan/Asia by Marquee Inc./Avalon (www.marquee.co.jp) The Japanese edition will feature one exclusive bonus track called After The Tears.
The new Street Talk line up consists of the following musicians:
Goran Edman - Vocals, Hugo - Vocals, Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards, Sven Larsson - Guitars, Bjorn Lodmark - Bass, Christian Johansson - Drums.
Also, the below mentioned musicians are making some guest appearances on the album:
Frank Adahl (Marie Fredriksson, Randy Crawford etc.), Kimmo, Erkka and Tuomo (Urban Tale) and Tommy Denander (Radioactive).
Restoration will feature the following tracks:
Give Me A Reason (F. Bergh - G. Edman), Hare And Hounds (F. Bergh - G. Edman), Language Of Love (F. Bergh - G. Edman), Tables Turning (F. Bergh - G. Edman), Dancer In The Rain (F. Bergh - G. Edman - P. Broman), A Place In The Sun (F. Bergh - G. Edman), My Heart Beats For You (F. Bergh - Hugo), Forever By Your Side (F. Bergh - K. Blom - E. Korhonen), In The Arms Of Love (F. Bergh - J. Jidhed - T. Denander - R. Delin), Why Is My Heart feeling Lonely Tonight (F. Bergh - K. Blom - E. Korhonen), After The Tears (Japan Bonus Track) (F. Bergh - S. Larsson)

The Swedish AOR/MHR act Street Talk have now started the recordings of the as yet untitled forthcoming third studio album (first album for new label MTM Music: www.mtm-music.com)
The band entered the Soundcreation Studios in Bollnas, Sweden on February 22 and have so far finished the recording of the Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards and about 90% of the Guitar tracks.
During the months of March, April and May the lead vocal parts by Hugo and Goran Edman will be recorded at 3 different studios located in New York (USA), Stockholm (Sweden) and Bollnas (Sweden).
The recording of the vocals will be followed by some additional overdubs of Lead/Rhythm Guitars and Keyboards at the www.studiosoundcreation.com where the album also will be mixed during two weeks at the end of May.
The as yet untitled third Street Talk album is scheduled for release on MTM in September 2002.
Musicians: Goran Edman - Vocals; Hugo - Vocals; Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards; Sven Larsson - Guitars; Bjorn Lodmark - Bass; Christian Johansson - Drums
Keep in touch with the band online: host.bip.net/berg.fredrik

The Swedish AOR/MHR act Street Talk, who released the very well received album Transition last year, will enter the studio on February 22 (2002) to start the work on a brand new album. The material included on the new album will be in a slightly more up-tempo and harder-edged style compared to the previous album(s) but still very melodic of course.
Street Talk are proud to announce that the vocals on the forthcoming third album will be handled by two of the most respected singers within the AOR/MHR genre Hugo (ex-Open Skyz, Valentine) and Goran Edman (ex-Malmsteen, Norum, Kharma).
The material will be co-written by Keyboardplayer Fredrik Bergh, Hugo and Edman.
The album will be recorded between February - May 2002 at three different studios located in Bollnas (Sweden), Stockholm (Sweden) and New York (USA).
The band are also very happy to have signed a new deal with MTM Music for the European territory. The as yet untitled album is scheduled for release in September 2002.
The band's complete line up: Goran Edman - Vocals; Hugo - Vocals; Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards; Sven Larsson - Guitars; Mikael Berner - Bass; Christian Johansson - Drums

John Sykes

Another rumour has John Sykes resurrecting the Blue Murder name, but fellow original band mates Tony Franklin and Carmine Appice are not connected with the news.


Stryper.com now features Videos for download. So far the site has several of the MTV type videos for viewing, as well as clips from their last two concerts performed in 2001.
The most recent video put up is the video for the song Believe. It was written in 1990, but it's lyrics hit very close to home with the recent events the USA is facing.

Also, Michael Sweet is now excepting pre-orders for a CD he's in the process of making.
Mike says: "I'm starting on a fourth solo project and I wanted to fill all of you in on the latest. I plan to start recording February 1st and I plan to finish recording by springtime. I've spoken to quite a few companies about the possibilities of this project, and the response has been incredible! I've had the desire to do this record for a long, long time and I finally have the opportunity to do it. Please take a moment to check out my website for more details regarding this project. We are taking pre-orders from now until the release date, which will be posted at my website and at stryper.com. I want to thank all of you for your continued support and encouragement in what we (Robert, Tim, Oz and myself) continue to do individually and collectively."
More info at: www.Stryper.com

Seven Ten

Long time site regular Mike St. Allen e-mailed me with an update on his band Seven Ten. The band is currently in need of a Bass player and a Keyboard player for rehearsals and live shows. If you are interested and are located in the Chicago/Indiana area, please e-mail Mike at: sevententheband@yahoo.com
The rest of the guys have been busy recording and are half way thru the process, looking for a mid year release of their album.

Spinal Tap

From the pages of Sonicnet.com:
Spinal Tap Players Folk Around With New Comedy
Actors who portrayed the heavy metal icons to transform into folk musicians for upcoming film.
With the stream of hilarious credits between them, no one would contest that Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean are three funny folks. And soon they'll have the opportunity to show even those unfamiliar with their 1984 comedy classic, This Is Spinal Tap, just how folkin' funny they really are.
The trio, along with actor/comedian Eugene Levy (American Pie, Best in Show), are working on a new movie, according to Shearer's manager, that trades Tap's heavy duty rock and roll creations for something a little softer but no less weighted in tuneful affectation: folk music.
Good grief!


Barfly Music in Germany have 2 releases in stores right now, the new Demon Drive album Rock N Roll Star and the debut BISS album. BISS is a new collaboration between ex-Victory singer Fernando Garcia and 'riff-master' Doc Heyne.
The new Silver CD Dream Machines will feature the same line up as the debut album; including composer Andreas Bruhn and ex-MSG singer Gary Barden.

Slave To The System

Slaves To The System is the project name for a new all-star collaboration featuring a line up of Scott Rockenfield and Kelly Gray (Queensryche), Damon Johnson and Roman Glick (Brother Cane) and Scotty Heard (Sweaty Nipples).
The guys have completed recording their debut album and sound samples are online here now. They have a dedicated website online now at: www.slavetothesystem.net and are selling the CD via the site.
At this stage, the guys hope this album is the first of several. Incidentally, the band are being managed by Ray Danniels, who presided over Van Halen during their time with vocalist Gary Cherone.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star will be releasing Best Of Vol. 2 any time now. It will be available for sale individually and in a special bundle containing Best Of V1, Best Of V2 and a limited edition cassette of It's Not Over. The bundle will be available for purchase on the band's website and at all the Shooting Star dates this December. Best Of Vol. 2 will be available in regular retail outlets.
The Track list is: Hang On For Your Life (live 1981) . Are You On My Side . Rainfall . Couldn't Get Enough . Summer Sun . Heat Of The Night . Get Ready Boy . Do You Feel Alright (live 1983) . Touch Me Tonight (live 1995) . It's Not Over . We Can't Wait Forever . I Need Your Touch . Promises . Leap Of Faith . If You Want It.