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Things just might be getting better for Geoff Tate and Queensryche.
This from the band's official website:
"In regard to the interview on WMMS, airing ones true feelings sometimes leads to reconciliation. Because of that interview ALL of Queensr˙che got together and we hashed out our thoughts and feelings over the phone. I am elated to say that we are working together better then we have in years and I am confident now that we will be able to deliver you an album finally worthy of the name Queensr˙che. Any relationship will hit snags now and again but we have made it through so much already and we have plans to be a band for a long time. Thanks for listening,
Geoff Tate"
Scott Rockenfield has also weighed in:
"As far as Queensryche is concerned, I know that some of you have been confused about some recent interviews that have been done, and I feel that you should all know that Michael, Eddie and myself have been hard at work in the recording studio, and we have come up with some VERY heavy and DARK material for the new release. We have been recording solid for the last two weeks, and so far all of the music is falling right into place for us! We are having a lot of fun working on this new material, and are excited to have everyone hear it!! Sanctuary Records is very pleased with our progress and they are expecting this to be an extremely unique record for Queensryche. We will actually be taking a break this weekend and the three of us and our families are going to have a long overdue barbeque together to clear our heads for next week's recordings..."

WMMS's latest feature interview is Jack Frost of Seven Witches. Tune in here.

Always great to see a new story form across the web from a link posted here. I refer to the WMMS interview of Geoff Tate, posted earlier this week.
Here's some more on the band's unusual set up.
Christophe Janssens of Rock Tribune Magazine in Belgium interviewed Tate over the phone last week.
Here's some of the interview details:
Kelly Gray was fired because he is an alcoholic and very difficult to work with - according to Geoff, the last couple of years in Queensryche haven't been fun...more like hell...
On the subject of Chris De Garmo, Geoff confirmed that the rumours of him coming back to QR are what they are: rumours.
Chris and Geoff still have contact from time to time, but apparently even until today Chris never gave an explanation why he left the band. When I asked Geoff the real reason why Chris left, he said he didn't knew, they never discussed that.
Obviously they don't really talk a lot to each other (apart of Queenrsyche business) because when I asked if bassist Eddie Jackson was also doing a solo project (since Geoff, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton are all doing solo stuff), again he said that he didn't have a clue.
Apparently the members of the band are still together because of the coincidence that they met 20 years ago and that there is a certain chemistry. They make great albums and do a fine job as a band, but they are not really friends. Geoff said that none of the other members in the band are so called "friends" that he would hang out with or go out to have a drink with.
Tate goes on to say that for the first time in several years he is really enjoying himself now, with his current band, with whom he recorded his solo album - he will take the band on the road for +/- 35 concert dates in the States, through July and August. On the subject of coming over to Europe for solo concerts he said "We"re working on that".
Since they don't have a replacement yet for Kelly, Geoff thinks that Queensryche are gonna record their next album as a four piece, with Michael Wilton doing all the guitar parts. Then they will probably hire someone to do the tour. The band (mostly Geoff and outside songwriters) have been writing material over the last 2 or 3 months and they will probably begin recording in September.
When I asked why Geoff wouldn't take his guitar player from his solo band to QR, he said that the guy is way to nice and that he doesn't want to drag him into the hell that QR is...!
Geoff did say that this solo record is not a one off thing - he will continue to make solo records, besides QR.

Thanks to Christophe for that. Rock Tribune Magazine is available at every bookstore in Belgium and Holland and is written in Dutch. The magazine appears monthly (except in August). It costs 3 Euro. The July issue comes with a free CD.
More info at www.rocktribune.be

Hot word out of LA is that Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton is joining the side-project bandwagon, and looking to form one of his own.
Rumor has it that Hair Of The Dog frontman Ryan Cook may be the vocalist of choice.
I thought I would e-mail Ryan and get his take on this. He replied that something coule be brewing, but at this stage is in it's infancy.
Ryan said that he has spoken with Michael Wilton's management, but at this early stage, it hasn't gone any further than that.
"Nothing concrete, not even a jam session!"
Ryan's also looking at another couple of possibilities for music in 2002. I'll keep you posted.