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Dave Meniketti

Y&T's Dave Meniketti will release his second solo album Meniketti in the UK September 23. The Japanese release is September 11.
The track listing is: Messin' With Mr. Big . No Lies . Hard As I Try . Tough Luck Avenue . I Remember . Storm . It's Over . All In This Together . I Can't Take It . Lay Me Down . The Other Side . Tell Me (Why I Should) . Take My Time
This is the second solo album from the Y&T guitarist following on from Out Of The Blue and "moves up a gear to become a rockier Rock and Blues album." Members of Y&T appear on the album.

Motley Priest

Press Release:
Motley Priest "A Tribute to the Hardest of Heavy Metal" From RLS Entertainment
What has 18 Marshall Cabinets, Big Hair, Bigger Dicks, and plays Heavy Fuckin' Metal?
The answer is Motley Priest, and they will take you & your friends back to 1985 all over again with their arsenal of Heavy Metal Anthems. Fronted by W. Axl Halford who actaully becomes a Metal God upon taking the stage with his custom Chromed Mic-stand and razor sharp vocals.
K.K. DeMartini & Ace Mustaine supply the dueling guitar licks for Motley Priest. The Bassist Nikki Simmons & skin-pounding madman Lars McBrain help to round out the rhythm section.
Motley Priest will literally put you back in the arena from the starting sounds of their true to Metal "666" Intro.
This tape mesh's the greatest of 80's elite Metal Bands Introductions. Motley Priest plays signature Metal styled Warlock's, Explorers, & Mockingbird's as they take the stage in a wardrobe that convinces the fan's eye and then some. The mirrored sunglasses, leather jackets, bullet belts and studs from head to toe. Add in a 24-foot wide 10-foot high black arena style backdrop and you have your self a must see Heavy Metal concert.
Motley Priest is proud to pay tribute to the very Heavy Metal music they grew up on. Motley Priest play killer Metal tunes from Metallica, Accept, Motley Crue, RATT, Megadeath, Judas Priest, KISS, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Fastway, Black n' Blue, Def Leppard, Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P. & many more!
Their sound is loud, heavy and performed with exceptional expertise. Motley Priest is about having a good time and remembering the Heavy Metal that once ruled MTV, Radio Stations and Arenas from Los Angeles to New York and back.
Saturday August 3rd 11PM @ "Paladinos"
6101 Reseda Blvd. Tarzana, CA Tix/Info. 1-818-342-1563
Saturday August 24th 11PM @ "Pinkes"
3695 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV Tix/Info. 1-702-252-4666
www.motleypriest.com (coming soon)

Gary Moon

The immortal words of the great Gary Moon. Yes, Gary e-mailed to say hello and let me know he is still working on his new music, with the working title Thousand Bridges.
Gary is working on his new solo material for release later this year. Some tunes will be featured on the new Brad Gillis album, also underway and featuring Gary on vocals again.
Also in motion are plans to offer Gary's Still Moon CD for sale via his website. Still Moon is of course a compilation of songs recorded in the 80's & 90's for the never released cult project The Pack. Some of those tunes already appeared on the Night Ranger album Feeding Off The Mojo. Keep an eye on his site!

Richard Marx

Richard Marx's last studio album Days In Avalon is getting a facelift for it's Japanese release. The album, due September 26, some 2 years since it's US release, will feature 9 tracks from the original release and adds 5 new ones.
The track listing is: This I Promise You . High . Back When You Were Mine . Everything I Want . I Can't Help It . Days In Avalon . Shine . Someone Special . Almost Everything . The Edge Of Forever . Waiting On Your Love . More Than A Mystery . Too Early To Be Over . Straight From My Heart

Gary Moore

Direct from: gary-moore.com
A new studio album is due for release by Sanctuary Records (SANCD120), September 2002. It will be produced by Gary Moore, co-produced and engineered by Chris Tsangradies, and mixed by Chris Tsangradies & Gary Moore.
The line up - Gary Moore - Vocals/Guitar; Cass Lewis - Bass/Vocals; Darrin Mooney - Drums
Gary is currently in the studio with bass player Cass Lewis and drummer Darrin Mooney. They are working on a album of songs with overall band sound to them. Hopefully the new songs will be included in the set during the summer shows. As the band is recording as a three piece, the live shows will should sound like the album, which early reports say is "rockin"!!
A release date will be confirmed, once the album is finished, in a month or so. In a recent interview Gary is quoted as saying "It's a lot rawer and 'earthier' than my recent blues and I'm experimenting with some new guitar sounds. I'm back with the strat and you'll hear the Hendrix influence in some of the riff based songs which I haven't been known for." He is also quoted as saying " I'm very into the Jimi thing at the moment. My band now is a three piece and it's very free because of it " Expect a very interesting album.

Mystery Bloom

Mystery Bloom's Lifetime In The Heart is under full production and being pressed. Street Date is March 18th. Taking pre-orders now! Browse into www.chavisrecords.com to order your copy.

Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe will pay tribute to his wife, Jude Wilder - who passed away late last year, with a 6 track tribute release titled Take Them And Break Them.
Released April 24, the release is said to be limited to Japan and features the following tracks: Take Them And Break Them . Backbiter (The Ruts cover) . Make It Go Away (live) . Where's The Fire John (live) . Just Because You're Paranoid (live) . Relationshipwrecked (live)


Meat Loaf is indeed preparing his new album for release shortly, but the producer of the album is Peter Mokran, not Mick Jones as originally intended.
An official website can be found here.
Some of the writers for the album include Nikki Sixx, James Michael, Diane Warren, the guys of Better Than Ezra, Jo Davidson, Stephen Trask.

And details are now available for the Double CD edition of Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell 2 album.
Here's the Press Release:
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Rarely has an album sequel had as twisted a road to being completed and been as successful as Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell 2 - Back Into Hell.
Sixteen years after the original became one of the best-selling albums of the '70s, Bat Out Of Hell II put Meat Loaf back on top in 1993, completing a phenomenal comeback.
Today, 25 years after Bat Out Of Hell and nearly a decade since its follow-up, Bat Out Of Hell 2 (Deluxe Ed.) (MCA/UME), released March 19, 2002, resurrects one of the most theatrical rock albums ever produced.
Now expanded into a two-CD set, BOOH2 adds the single edit of the #1 smash I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) as well as the radio edits of the hits Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are, Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through and Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back.
Also appended are a 1998 remix of Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back; an acoustic Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are and its Wild Car Mix, and three live tracks recorded in July 1993; Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, All Revved Up With No Place To Go and Heaven Can Wait. All of the tracks have been 96k/24-bit remastered.

Good grief - I love this album, but this Special Edition hardly demands purchasing...just like the Damn Yankees Best Of.
It's time a bit more effort was put in, rather than expect to bleed the public dry of their hard earnt cash.

In related Meatloaf news, his new album is now re-titled Testify and is scheduled for release in March. But, I am yet to see the release date posted anywhere official, so that is likely to change to a later date.
Songs set to be featured on the album include: Do It . Love You Out Loud . Man Of Steel . Shadow Land . Decadent Wish . Why Isn't That Enough? . Unsaid . Tear Me Down.


Burning Rain vocalist Keith St. John will be the vocalist for the new Montrose album.
Ronnie Montrose's own site: www.ronnieland.com gives the new band line up as:
Pat Torpey on Drums, Chuck Wright on Bass, RM on Guitars & St. John on vocals.

Luke Morley

At Luke Morley.com there are several short sound clips from the upcoming Bowes & Morley album, Moving Swiftly Along, are now available to download.
But take note - don't expect these previews to show an album set to recapture the classic Thunder sound.

MSG / Michael Schenker

Press Release:
Phoenix, AZ -- The Michael Schenker Group -- otherwise known as MSG -- will make a return to American live venues this fall as the group embarks on a tour in support of its new SPV album, Be Aware of Scorpions. Guitarist Schenker assembled MSG in the early '80s as the Michael Schenker Group. It later transformed into the McAuley Schenker Group with the addition of singer Robin McAuley in mid '80s. MSG today consists of Schenker, vocalist Chris Logan, bassist Reverand Jones, and drummer Jeff Martin. Prior to forming MSG, Schenker spent years as guitarist in the Scorpions and UFO.
Be Aware of Scorpions was recorded at Schenker's own studio in Phoenix, where the German ex-pat resides. The album's title will understandably bring to mind Schenker's former band, but the title stems from nothing more than a playful warning from the band's photographer while taking pictures in Schenker's critter-infested yard.
The album is classic Schenker material, drawing inspiration from both the classical and rock worlds, but most importantly, from Schenker's own emotions.
Tour dates are as follows:

Steve Morse

Steve Morse's new solo CD Split Decision is due out March 26. More at: www.stevemorse.com