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Following their successful comeback live performance at the recent Gods 2002 Festival, Hardline will release their new album II on September 23.
Frontiers Records have announced details of the album, which is now complete.
Hardline's II was recorded under the guidance of Andy Haller, Gary Hoey and producer Bob Burch.
The album has the following final tracklisting and songwriter credits:
Hold Me Down (Johnny Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Y (Johnny Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Paralyzed (Marc Tanner; Paul Mirkovich, Johnny Gioeli) . Face The Night (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli) . Do Or Die (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Hey Girl (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Only A Night (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli) . Your Eyes (Johnny Gioeli; Joey Gioeli; Bob Burch) . Weight (Joey Tafolla; Johnny Gioeli) . Way It Is, Way It Goes (Johnny Gioeli; Bob Burch; Joey Tafolla) . This Gift (Johnny Gioeli; Neal Schon)

Hardline 2002 is: Johnny Gioeli - vocals; Joey Gioeli - guitar; Josh Ramos - guitar; Michael T. Ross - keyboards; Bob Rock - drums; Chris Maloney - bass
The album will be released in Europe on Frontiers Records on September 23rd 2002.

Human Fortress

Human Fortress are still recording their second album. Label Limb Music will release the second solo album by Luca Turilli (Rhapsody) later in the year, followed by the new Human Fortress album in the beginning of 2003.


Much loved AOR vocalist Hugo is back on the road. In fact, he is fronting Journey - sort of...
The #1 Journey Tribute Band in the World - Featuring Hugo as Steve Perry & Eddie Jelley (formerly w/ The Good Rats) as Neal Schon, Lance Millard (Bad Medicine) as Jonathan Cain, Joe Cumia (formerly w/ The Good Rats) as Ross Valory & John Cappadonna (Bad Medicine) as Steve Smith. The band will be making their 1st New York Appearance @ Mulcahy's in Wantagh on June 1, 2002!
Stay tuned for more on the guys and their plans...

House Of Shakira

At the end of June, House of Shakira will release a promo video. The song is In Your Head, from their latest album III, and can be downloaded from their own website or www.melodicrock.tv.
The promo video will also be broadcasted on TV in the USA on the music video program Hard Ware. (Chicago, Illinois area)
Their indie released, very sought after Live+ CD, has also been repressed in 500 copies more due to heavy demand from their fans. It is in stock now and can be ordered from their website www.house-of-shakira.nu
The band are currently busy writing songs for their fourth CD. Possible release date will further to be announced.
Please visit www.house-of-shakira.nu for latest news.

Due to heavy demand from their fans, House Of Shakira has decided to repress 500 copies of their very sought after CD Live+. The new pressing will be available to order from March 11th 2002.
The band will travel to Madrid Spain March 21-24, playing two gigs, among one will be a headlining at a AOR Festival held at "Ritmo y Compas". The second date will further to be announced.
Plans for the fourth album is also taking place. The members are currently writing new songs and searching for new sources of inspiration, to develop their unique style of AOR. A possible release will be in autumn 2002.

Hardcore Superstar

Hardcore Superstar have another exclusive Japanese release due. Mother's Love / Significant Other is released April 24.
Tracks featured are: Mother's Love . Significant Other . Staden Gosenbourg . Heaven Sent (Inxs cover) . Things On Fire . Long Way To Go (alternate version).

Hall & Oates

Hall & Oates have sent out an update via their mailing list. It seems the duo have just finished up the recording of their new studio album at A-Pawling Studio this week. Todd Rundgren was in the studio Thursday and Friday to record some vocals. No word on a release date or label at this time.
John Oates meanwhile has updated his website for the release of his solo debut Phunk Shui. Look for a write up in in the August 3 issue of Billboard magazine.
Now, I wasn't sure how many people would enjoy Hall & Oates updates here (I can't get enough of them...haha), but the good folk at Hall & Oates.com e-mailed me to say thanks for the traffic this site has sent their way. So thank you folk for following the links!

Hall & Oates' new compilation VH1 Music First Behind The Music - The Daryl Hall and John Oates Collection is out March 19 and features the following tracks:
Sara Smile . Rich Girl . Do What You Want, Be What You Are . You Make My Dreams . I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) . One On One . Maneater . Say It Isn't So . Out Of Touch . Everything Your Heart Desires (the video mix -- never before commercially available) . Kiss On My List (live in 1982) . She's Gone (live in 1982) . So Close (Unplugged -- the version from COS, not from the "Unplugged" show) . Every Time You Go Away (live in 2002) . Somebody Like You (2002 remake of Someone Like You -- note the title change) . Heartbreak Time (New) . Do It For Love (New)
The disc of nearly 80 minutes of music features Liner notes by David Wild of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Hall & Oates:
My favourite crooners Daryl Hall & John Oates are back with a new album in 2002 and are back on a major label!
A new studio album titled Back In Love Again is due mid to late year through Columbia/Sony. Don't forget all those re-issues and the new compilation either!

RCA Japan are for one reason or another re-releasing the entire Hall & Oates back catalogue in Limited Edition Paper Sleeves.
Also included in this release are Daryl Hall's 2 solo albums for the label.
The one unique release in this set of releases is a very cool looking Japanese only CD titled 12 Inch Collection, set to include 10 rare remixes of the band's mega hits, such as Private Eyes (UK remix), I Can't Go For That (HOAX remix), One On One (Club remix), Family Man & Out Of Touch (Extended Version)(Sensational!!)


It is with much pleasure that Frontiers can announce the official US release through Deadline/Cleopatra Records of the last Hurricane album Liquifury.
The CD had its official release date on February 5th 2002 and is distributed in the entire North America through Navarre Corp.

The Wilson Sisters will be the only personnel involved in the new studio album from the classic band. The girls will play all instruments themselves on the album due later in 2002 through Beyond Records.
Still scheduled are some early LP re-issues and a 3CD box set from Sony/Legacy. No doubt their release will be timed to coincide with the release of that studio album!

Harlan Cage

Roger Scott Craig has been busy working on both a new Harlan Cage album and a new record from his side project 101 South.
Roger e-mailed me this week with details of the releases. The new Harlan Cage CD Temple Of Tears should be available by April or May. 101 South will follow that, but Roger says that a press release will be available in the next few weeks about what is happening.
Until then - watch the website @ www.harlancage.com.
The track listing and artwork for the Harlan Cage CD are as follows:
Any Port In The Storm . Wooden Cross . Just A Face In The Rain . One New York Morning . On The Nickel . In My Neighborhood . Deep In The Heart Of The Night . Sin City . As You Fly . Later Than You Know . We Belong.

House Of Lords

After a short break in proceedings, House Of Lords are once again at work on their comeback studio album.
Frontiers Records hopes that the album will indeed be ready for release later this year, with a sneak preview of the record hopefully ready in time for the Union 5 compilation, due from Frontiers/Now & Then in March.


Heartland have finished recording their new album. It's being mixed at the moment in Vancouver by Paul Dean. The album title is TBA. The track listing is as follows: Time & Tide . Follow me . I Believe . Best Of times . Imagine my Surprise . Fight The Good Fight . The Bottom Line . Black & Blue . Classical Blast . All Her Own Way . Man In The Iron Mask . Rise With The Road . Refugee
The musical direction is being described as a lot heavier than before.


Last week I wished Eric Bazilion good luck for the re-union gig of the Hooters this week. He seemed very set in mind that it was a one off gig, but yesterday, I asked again how it went. His reply was somewhat different!
Eric says the gig "...really did feel great, on so many levels. And, fact is, we were and continue to be one fine rock and roll band. Don't know what if anything the future holds for us all together, but I've got a feeling last night was not a one-off..."
The set list for the event was: Rob playing My Country 'Tis Of Thee on the hooter . Blood From A Stone . Hanging On A Heartbeat (Amore version) . Satellite . All You Zombies (Nervous Night version) . Where Do The Children Go . Karla With A K . And We Danced.
The encore comprised of: Beat Up Guitar (A Song for Philly..) & Day By Day.


Classic Aussie rockers Heaven have been confirmed as support act to Judas Priest on their upcoming Australian tour. Following that, the band will join Priest on their US tour, playing a range of classic tracks and new material.
I just got off the phone from vocalist Allan Fryer, who is really excited to be touring his home country, returning from his base in Texas for the tour.
The dates are: Nov. 30 - Perth, Dec. 2 - Adelaide, Dec 3 - Melbourne, Dec. 5 - Sydney, Dec. 7 - Brisbane.

Brian Howe

ex-Bad Company vocalist Brian Howe has begun the writing process for his next album, writing with Jeff Carlisi, for a new studio album due in 2002.
Brian has tour dates already booked for 2002 and has a website at: www.brianhowe.com.