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Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert's new album Burning Organ features the following tracks:
I Like Rock . My Religion . Bliss . Suicide Lover . Friday Night (Say Yeah) . I Am Satan . G.V.R.O. . My Drum . Amy Is Amazing . Muscle Car . I Feel Love . Burning Organ . Keep On Keepin' On and a 14th secret track.
As usual, Paul has kept his sense of humor with his great album covers. The album is out June 26 in Japan, via Pony Canyon.


Frontiers Records / Now & Then Productions are finally able to announce the details of one of the bigest projects ever undertaken by the company!
During the spring of 2002 the label is going to release worldwide the first episode of a Rock Opera Trilogy called Genius.

The first episode entitled A Human Into Dreams World shall feature such characters as:
Mark Boals (Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire) as 'Genius'
Lana Lane as 'Doorkeeper'
Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) as 'TwinSpirit n.32'
Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger) as 'Stationmaster'
John Wetton (Asia, Uriah Heep) as 'Mc Chaos King'
Steve Walsh (Kansas) as 'Wild Tribe King'
Oliver Hartmann (At Vance) as 'Wild Tribe Consultant'
Midnight (ex Crimson Glory) as 'Maindream'
Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, Ring Of Fire) as 'The Storyteller'

Choir: Olaf Senkbeil (Dreamtide), Hacky Hackmann, Chris Boltendahl

More details on the cast of characters of the forthcoming episodes shall be announced in the near future.
The music and lyrics have been completely written, arranged and produced for Frontiers Records by the Italian musician Daniele Liverani, know for his work with the progressive metal band Empty Tremor.

Daniele plays all Guitars, Keyboards and Bass on the whole Opera, except drums, which are played by the incredible human engine Dario Ciccioni.

The whole concept runs around the many characters that Genius meets during his journey, only 8 of which are appearing in this first episode.
Furthermore, a storyteller will help the listener to follow the various events....
During the three chapters of the story the listener shall be able to experience the thrilling adventures of the teenage drummer Genius who becomes accidentally captured in a parallel dimension where he discovers the secrets of the creation of human dreams.
Unfortunately, he has also creates a lot of problems and paradoxes which put the whole existence and the safety of that parallel dimension in serious danger.
The music style is very varied featuring a unique and spectacular blend of Melodic Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal styles for 72 minutes of music powered by a winning cast of some of the best singers from all the ages and styles...
The album is currently in the final vocal recording stage and will be mixed by Mike Slamer (Streets, Steelhouse Lane, Seventh Key) in Los Angeles during January 2002.


Gotthard have parted ways with their long time collaborator - songwriter and producer Chris von Rohr.
von Rohr was just interviewed on Swiss Television where he stated that he will no longer be involved as a producer/songwriter with Gotthard. He apparently feels that the band reached the absolute pinnacle with Homerun and it's time for him and them to move on. He also stressed that the split is absolutely amicable.
Thanks Peter for the info.

European hard rockers Gotthard will mark time between studio albums, by releasing a ballads only compilation at the end of January.
The album, One Life, One Soul, features 2 new tracks and is released in Europe and Japan January 28. The track listing is: Looking At You (New Track) . Ruby Tuesday (New Track) . Let It Rain . All I Care For . Reason To Live . He Ainīt Heavy . One Live One Soul . Father Is That Enough . Homerun . You . Heaven . Lonely People . Out On My Own . Angel . On My Way . Peace Of Mind . Love Soul Matter.

Guns N Roses

Guns N Roses have this week announced they will play two shows at the Joint in Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on December 29 and 31. Tickets, which range from $162.50 to $275!!
Funnily enough, it will only be the band's 3rd and 4th gigs in 8 years!!
Add to that this statement from Axl Rose - the band's only original member: "We've been cooped up in the studio for so long that we have to release some energy, Since we had so much fun playing Vegas last year, we've decided to do it again."
Dare I ask, what the 'band' have actually been doing in the studio all this time??? Let's hope we aren't saying the same thing about Van Halen in 2005...


Please also note that Giant's comeback release III is now in stores. I have been asked if there will be a US release of this record. Not at this stage. My best recommendation is that you hit the mail order stores featured on this site and order that way.

Great White

As New Years Eve is the last show lead singer Jack Russell will perform with Great White. He is running a competition on his website, where 2 fans can win the chance to be given all access passes and video the whole day, from load in - to load out. They will be able to walk around backstage, interview the band, film the show and basically do whatever they want with the cameras.
The footage filmed will be used as part of a limited edition video release, documenting Jack Russell's last day in the band. The video will be available through Jack's official website: www.planetjr.com
To enter the competition, visit www.planetjr.com, where you can find out more information and enter via email.
The show is December 31, 2001 at The Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, California.

In the middle of writing preparations for a new Great White studio album for Sony Music, vocalist Jack Russell has quit the band.
This is his statement:
To Whom it May Concern,
As of Monday, November 05, 2001, I have chosen to leave Great White, the band I started back in 1978.
I am proud and thankful of my achievements with Great White and hold such fond memories of the past. We will play one show on New Years Eve in Anaheim as a final farewell.
My thanks go out to my bandmates, past and present and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Also thank you to the managers, agents, radio presenters, record labels and all the people that have helped me achieve my dreams. I especially want to thank John Kalodner for his understanding and support in my decision.
As I have said many times before, when it stopped being fun, that was the time to do something else. After much deliberation, I decided that the time had arrived.
I wasn't sure how or when to make this decision public, but this morning, my father John Russell passed peacefully away. He had always been Great White's biggest supporter and was so excited about my future solo career. His passing made me realize that it was time to lay to rest the two things I loved most in life.
I am in the process of recording a new album under the name of Jack Russell, which I am dedicating to my father's memory. It is in a totally different vain and we are planning to release it in the first half of next year.
The musician's in my new band are undoubtedly some of the best in the world and it is with them that I'm moving forward to fulfil my desires - musically, creatively and spiritually.
We will be touring the world next year and I hope that the fans who have supported me over the years, will be there in the future. Without the fans there never would have been a Great White and for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My prayers and blessings are with you.
As an old book closes, a new one opens and I hope that everybody can understand and respect my reasons and listen with enjoyment to the music that I make in the future.
Peace and Love
Jack Russell