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Robin Crosby

Former Ratt guitarist Robin Crosby died yesterday in Los Angeles, after losing his long running battle with AIDS.
The Official Ratt site is now paying tribute to their old guitarist: therattpack.com
Condolences to his family and friends and also from myself. May he rest in peace.

Vick LeCar

Vick LeCar has just signed a deal with GerMusica Promotion & Management to take effect immediately.
His new site www.vick-lecar.com is online now. Vick is now waiting for the studio to go back to finish his Bad Influence CD, which will be out later this year.

Checkout guitarist Vick Le Car's newly designed and updated website at: www.vick-lecar.com. The site features a few new MP3s and album previews.

Kevin Chalfant

Kevin Chalfant sent me an e-mail. It seems Kevin will be joining Gregg Rolie and his band onstage July 4th, 2002 in Las Vegas for one show. The guys are performing at the Santa Fe Station Hotel/Casino for a private showcase.
Unfortunately, however, it will not be open to the public.
The guys have not shared a stage together since 1993. Kevin will be joining Gregg and his band onstage to perform some of Gregg's most famous Journey duets.
Kevin added that he has had several conversations with Gregg recently, and they are both looking forward to performing together again.

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane's new Anthology release, due September 24th from One Way Records, contains the following tracks: Lunatic Fringe . Cowboys In Hong Kong (As Far As Siam) . Light In The Tunnel . Power (Strength In Numbers) . Human Race . Crack The Sky (Breakaway) . Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me) . Boy Inside The Man . The Untouchable One
Pretty standard stuff unfortunately. Let's roll with a new album Tom!
While you are waiting for that, check out Jamie Oakes' new album Eloquence. Jamie has been a member of Tom's live touring band in the past. More at: www.jamieoakes.com

David Coverdale

David Coverdale has spoken on his website about plans for the 2003 Whitesnake tour. Coverdale seems to hose down speculation that John Sykes, or anyone else for that matter, might be involved, suggesting that he would prefer to work with a new band.
Some of what David said: "...At this time...I have NO plans of any 'reunion' with any former members of WS...so I ask you to be patient...and also not 'compete' on the [message] Board whom you think I should work with.
The 'negative energy' of this is unwelcome...As most of you know...I will choose the musicians with whom I want to work...as I have always done from the beginning...and if it is to be WS...then the players will be of a calibre to present WS music in the absolute best way.."

And "...There are certain players I would enjoy collaborating with at this time...but, whether or not I feel they would be suitable for an 'appropriate' new chapter of WS is another matter entirely...I have absolutely NO plans of involving myself with any international corporate record company...so...other than the forthcoming compilations, please do not be anticipating a new WS album...altho' if indeed I pursue this course of action...I will no doubt record live shows for future CD releases...and in-concert videos...As those of you who have travelled with me, and supported me all these years know..."

Sounds interesting so far. I went to one of my best LA contacts to get a little more information on what plans have been projected.
It seems separate offers are on the table for both a European tour and a US tour. The line up apparently has not started to be considered as yet, but one offer was made with the hope that Coverdale would team with Sykes again, with the addition possibly of Vandenburg, Sarzo and Carmassi rounding out a band.
But this seems unlikely, and given David's own words above, even more unlikely.
The only odds on possible for the new line up is drummer Denny Carmassi.
Time will tell how things develop, but I hear Eddie Van Halen is looking for a gig!!!

John Corabi

One time Motley Crue vocalist and current Union frontman John Corabi has two new projects on the go.
Twenty 4 Seven is a special collaboration with Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer and Iron Horse/Obsession guitarist Robert Marcello.
The album combines elements from previous projects of this all star lineup, Twenty 4 Seven delivers a collection of 9 hard rocking/bluesy/melodic tunes. Singing with a touch of the blues and an awful lot of heart & soul, John sang his heart out in the recording of this album.

Corabi has also formed another new band called Zen Lunatic. The line up is: John Corabi - Vocals & Guitar; Stevo Bruno - Bass & Vocals; Jimmy D' Anda - Drums
The band's bio reads: Former Motley Crue singer, John Corabi, has assembled an all-star lined band called Zen Lunatic. With Bulletboys drummer Jimmy D Anda on drums and Revel 8 bass player Stevo Bruno on bass, the trio plans to record their debut record by this winter. The new sound can only be described as "in your face- kick ass rock-n-roll." The trio has been writing and recording at world renown Klown Records in Santa Monica, California (owned by bass player Stevo.) With new songs, it will be very interesting to see which label these rock-heroes sign with. Nickelback manager, John Greenberg is reportedly on board.
You can hear MP3 samples for the tracks Angel, Stay & Open Your Eyes, online now at the band's website: www.klownrecords.com


Press Release:
Former Candlebox frontman Kevin Martin is looking to sign a new record deal following the closing of Gold Circle Records, the company funded by Gateway Computers that was due to issue Martin's solo album, The Possibility Of Being.
The already-completed CD is currently being shopped to prospective record companies and is tentatively set for a September 10th release (a date that is contingent on Kevin signing a new deal).
The complete track listing for The Possibility Of Being is as follows:
Amedia . If We Could . Identify . I . Thoughtless Innuendos . Restless . Enemy . She . Telepathic Rock & Roll . Walk Away . The Lover

Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell's new album Degradation Trip is released via Roadrunner Records in May.

Crown Of Thorns

The new Crown Of Thorns album is set to be titled Karma and will feature 11 new tracks. Georg at AOR Heaven says the album is more melodic in the vein of the band's excellent Lost Cathedral album.
A few titles to be included on the record are: Til You've Had Enough . Alone Again . Keep On Surviving . Before It Slips Away . Shade No Tears

The Cage

Italian guitarist Dario Mollo, together with vocalist Tony Martin have completed work on the new Cage album The Cage II.
The album is now in the mixing stages under the direction of Dario at Damage Inc. Studios in Ventimiglia, Italy.
The song titles are: Terra Toria . Overload . Amore Silenzioso . Life Love . Wind Of Change . Balance Of Power . Theatre of Dreams . What a Strange Thing Love Is . Guardian Angel . Poison Roses, plus a cover version of Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused.
The CD is set to kick 'major ass!!!'

Eddie Campbell

New Z artist Eddie Campbell has just launched his very own web site at www.eddiecampbell.net Check out his site and say hello!


M2 have opted to change their name to Crossfire. The band as previously reported features Mladen [Von Groove] & Rob Moratti [Moratti] Work has already been started on their debut album.

Freddy Curci

Famed melodic rock band Alias have always been a major favorite amongst fans of this genre. One major disappointment was the failure of the band to secure a release of their second studio album.
The band recorded a range of tracks for the release, including versions of some already known rock tracks.
A few copies of the songs escaped confinement and traders have been swapping copies for over 2 years now.
A European company has recently taken 10 of those tracks and compiled a CD titled Second Coming and is now selling it as a retail release.
The tracks featured on the release are: How Much Longer Is Forever . Wild Wild One . Play Me A Song . Bare Necessity . Warden . Call Of The Wild . No Pleasure Without The Pain . We Want It All . Who Do You Think You Are . Call Me.
Singer Freddy Curci has reacted to news of this release, by e-mailing me a statement:

I didn't know that the demand for another Alias record was so strong! I can't believe that some record company collected a bunch of unreleased Alias tracks from the Internet, (that fans could get for free!) and put the songs on a bogus CD. I know this happens all the time, but who looses?
In this case, Alias fans who think they're getting a real second Alias record. Not true.
Plans are in the works for a new Alias record, but not till the later part of 2002.
Both Steve DeMarchi and myself have other commitments at the present time. There's one more thing I'd like to say - The most important part of the whole deal here are the fans.
To have some record company rip you off like this really sucks. I'm sorry....Freddy Curci

Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke's new solo studio album Swag features an all-star line up of guests. Among those appearing on the album, due for release in Japan December 19 and worldwide in the New Year, are: Kyle Vincent & Tim Karr (backing vox), Tracii Guns (guitar), Teddy Andreadis (keyboard), Derek Sherinian (synth.) and Eric Singer, Brent Fitz and Brian Tichy (drums).

Company Of Snakes

Company of Snakes, the European rock band featuring ex-Whitesnake members Micky Moody (guitars), Bernie Marsden (guitars) and Neil Murray (bass), have their new studio album ready for release.
Up front on vocals for the band is Snakes In Paradise vocalist Stefan Berggren and rounding out the line up is fellow UK rock legend Don Airey (keyboards), plus John Lingwood (drums).
Burst The Bubble is The Company of Snakes' successful attempt to come up with an album that forges a link with unforgettable Whitesnake recordings like Ready And Willin' or Lovehunter. With their timeless hard rock Made in Britain that is based on blues, boogie and traditional rock influences.
The Company Of Snakes reduce possible arguments about trends and fashions to absurdity, while proving that there will always be an audience for their brand of classic rock.