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Canadian heavy metal legends Anvil have a new album ready for release. Massacre Records will release the new album Still Going Strong August 26.
It's the twelfth album by the group, who will tour behind it during the year.


It seems the new Anthrax album will not be released as quickly as first anticipated.
Although fully completed, including artwork, the album has no release date, as apparently the band have split with their record label Sanctuary Records.
This means that there will be no release of Anthrax in September as planned, with a more likely date set for early 2003.
Anthrax will still be supporting Motörhead on the band's European tour from October 13th through November 8th.


Kivel Records have this week released the anticipated new Adriangale album Re:Program. Expect a review and soundbytes shortly.
Kivel released this statement:
First they told you to Feel The Fire, then they showed you what was Under The Hood...Now they are back and.... Re:Programmed to Rock!
Get Plugged in with Still Burning, Closer, Runaway, Heather Please and the new ballad If.
Guitarist Vic Rivera says; "It's straight ahead melodic hard rock. Tough as nails but catchy as hell!"
Out NOW on www.kivelrecords.com


Cult 80's AOR group Adrenalin - later known as DC Drive are reforming for a one-off gig and a new Best Of compilation.
Here's the band's press release, sent out earlier this week:
It is, without question, a landmark Detroit rock 'n' roll reunion. During their 16-year tenure from 1977-1993, the six musicians known first as Adrenalin and then as DC Drive created rugged, muscular, earnest working-man's music that was as much the epitome of Detroit as anything created by forebears such as Mitch Ryder or Bob Seger.
That the group's brief moments in the national spotlight - three albums and a minor hit, Road of the Gypsy in the movie Iron Eagle - does not diminish the passion the groups displayed as they slogged through the trenches.
As drummer Brian Pastoria notes, "That's what we initially set out to do - make music. That was the whole goal. We didn't get the breaks like some people, but the music still stands up."
"Drama" and "intrigue" were words used to describe this east side Detroit group as much as the terms "dynamic" and "exciting."
They endured the suicide of their lead singer, the jailing of the owners of the record label, the loss of their master tapes and a revolving door of high-profile vocalists.
Still, Adrenalin -- and its later incarnation, DC Drive -- remains a legend in the Motor City. The group emerged from a club scene that boasted the likes of Strut, the Rockets and Nighthawk.
"We always felt we were as good as any band out there, but we just didn't get the breaks," said Brian Pastoria, who now runs the Harmonie Park recording studio in downtown Detroit with his brother.
"We knew it wasn't going to last forever, and we felt the moment had passed us by and we weren't going to fool ourselves, so we split up and put our lives together."
Adrenalin gained attention in 1979 with its independent single, Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' and followed it with Faraway Eyes.
Singer David Larson, who worked at Eastland shopping center in Harper Woods by day and rocked with the band at night, shocked his band mates when he committed suicide in the winter of 1980.
"We were at a show waiting for him and he never came," Pastoria recalled. "It wasn't like him to miss a show at all. After we found out what happened, it was hard to believe."
The group's personnel changed with the addition Marc Gilbert -- brother of the late Rockets vocalist Dave Gilbert -- and later, young vocal powerhouse Joey Bowen.
More behind-the-scenes problems continued with record labels and lawsuits and the band changed its name. Each time, it appeared national success was near but elusive.
In 1987, they hooked up with former Grand Funk Railroad frontman Mark Farner and toured North America before regrouping with new singer Joey Hamady. The new band called themselves DC Drive and recorded there self titled album for Captol records. After 4 years of non stop touring and on the eve of their American tour Joey decided he "wanted to do his own thing". By this time the Pastoria and Romeo brothers had enough. 17 years of slugging it out as a band was enough. The members got on with there lives and started families.
Nine years and 13 children later, the group is back.
WRIF-FM (101.1) program director and longtime band pal Doug Podell initiated the reunion after attending a recent Ritz reunion party at the Emerald Theatre in Mount Clemens.
"I was thinking, Adrenalin is one of the best bands in Detroit, they need to hook it up," Podell said.
In lieu of the groups' four singers will be Chris McCall and Robb Roy's Graham Strachan; other guests include saxophonist Alto Reed from Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band, Jazzhead percussionist Roberto Warren and the Hefty Horns.
"We didn't think anybody (cared)," says Pastoria, 45, who was pitched the reunion by WRIF-FM (101.1) program director Doug Podell. "We thought we could get a few people there - a lot of our family, maybe. But this feels really good, and it's brought us back together from all the different things we were doing."
The Pastoria brothers now operate the successful Harmonie Park studio complex and record label in downtown Detroit. Jimmy Romeo is a producer while brother Michael Romeo runs a construction business. Schafer works for a technology company while Haggerty owns a plumbing firm.
Because of those commitments and young families, Pastoria doubts the Adrenalin/DC Drive will be a continuing concern. But, the group will perform two new songs, "Guilty" and "First Time," on Saturday and is issuing a 17-song anthology entitled Adrenalin 25 Years.
So, he says, "It wouldn't be out of the question to perform now and then and have some fun. We might do some recordings after this, but nothing else in our lives can go on the back-burner for this. So we'll see what happens."

American Hi-Fi

American Hi-Fi are just about to release a live album entitled Rock N Roll Noodle Shop - Live From Tokyo.
Out March 29, the release features the track listing: Scar . A Bigger Mood . Safer On The Outside . Hi-Fi Killer . Surround . Surrender (Cheap Trick cover) . Waking Up To The End Of The World . Arigato . Flavor Of The Weak . Wall Of Sound . Happy.


A-ha's new album Lifelines is due for worldwide release April 29. The Japanese release is due same date with a bonus calendar and a bonus track. Hopefully the album will be as good as their last very smooth, very high-tech MOR effort.


The big news at Rewind Records is Airborne!
Producer Beau Hill has contacted the label, who have just made a deal to release an album of unreleased Airborne material recorded just after the first album was released.
The album will have at least 16 tracks about an hour of killer unreleased Airborne. Beau personally mastered the tracks for Rewind. Kip Winger and his two brothers sing back-up on several tracks.
The style is a mix of vintage Styx-Foreigner circa 80-85.
Also up from the label in 2002 is Silver Condor, Brad Love's solo album and re-issues of Brian McDonald Desperate Business and Speedway Blvd.
And stand by for more Brian McDonald news shortly...


Jamie Rowe and his band Adriangale are 95% complete with the pre-production on their next album. Guitarist Vic Rivera says the new tunes 'slay' and will be exactly what the Dr. ordered for fans of melodic rock!
The band plans on going into the studio sometime this month armed with 13 brand new tunes and a surprise cover.
Some of the song titles to be recorded are: Dark Horse, Runaway, Good Enough, Heartbreak Guaranteed.
The band expect to let the album take shape before nominating a title for it. A release is due in March/April.
Stay in touch at: www.kivelrecords.com


Artension's Vitalij Kuprik has a solo album due in Japan February 27. The instrumental album is titled simply Piano.

American Dog

A few short hours after performing at a show in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, January 12, American Dog guitarist Steve Theado was struck by a car while attempting to change a flat tire on his vehicle.
Steve has undergone surgery and early reports indicate he has 2 broken ankles, 1 broken leg and a broken rib. The driver (and the vehicle) that struck Steve fled the scene and left him for dead. Fortunately Steve had just finished calling a friend on his cell phone moments before the incident and requested assistance. Band manager Tommy Floyd and American Dog members Michael Hannon and Keith Pickens are shocked and saddened by the news and will be arranging a fundraiser to help Steve with medical & rehab expenses.
Cards, letters or emails can be sent to STEVE THEADO c/o American Dog, P.O. Box 14381, Columbus, OH 43214 USA
More at: www.americandog.net & info@americandog.net

Doug Aldrich

Yes, Doug Aldrich is recording with Ronnie James Dio for the new Dio album. Doug did not want to make a big deal out of it, hence the lack of announcement. But to set the rumours straight, Doug is playing guitar on the Dio album in place of Craig Goldy, but has not committed to any tour. The album looks set to be titled Kill the Dragon.
Plans for the next Burning Rain album are unaffected by his current recording duties.


Famed melodic rock band Alias have always been a major favorite amongst fans of this genre. One major disappointment was the failure of the band to secure a release of their second studio album.
The band recorded a range of tracks for the release, including versions of some already known rock tracks.
A few copies of the songs escaped confinement and traders have been swapping copies for over 2 years now.
A European company has recently taken 10 of those tracks and compiled a CD titled Second Coming and is now selling it as a retail release.
The tracks featured on the release are: How Much Longer Is Forever . Wild Wild One . Play Me A Song . Bare Necessity . Warden . Call Of The Wild . No Pleasure Without The Pain . We Want It All . Who Do You Think You Are . Call Me.
Singer Freddy Curci has reacted to news of this release, by e-mailing me a statement:

I didn't know that the demand for another Alias record was so strong! I can't believe that some record company collected a bunch of unreleased Alias tracks from the Internet, (that fans could get for free!) and put the songs on a bogus CD. I know this happens all the time, but who looses?
In this case, Alias fans who think they're getting a real second Alias record. Not true.
Plans are in the works for a new Alias record, but not till the later part of 2002.
Both Steve DeMarchi and myself have other commitments at the present time. There's one more thing I'd like to say - The most important part of the whole deal here are the fans.
To have some record company rip you off like this really sucks. I'm sorry....Freddy Curci


Anders Faesader, Mikael Höglund (Great King Rat), Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge, Alfonzetti) & Jonas Östman (Yngwie Malmsteen) has formed a new group called Rooster.
You can find a small website and 4 MP3 samples of the band's work @ home.swipnet.se/~w-22141/rooster/
The new sound is a more modern rock / contemporary sound and certainly heavier than the excellent recent Alfonzetti album.