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Bonus MP3 Download Tracks:
- Dare Force (feat. David Reece) - What's In It For Me (Unreleased)
- Cornerstone - Rise & Shine (Live)(Unreleased)

MRCD11 + House Of Shakira + Faith Circus
[$43 (save $4) + $10 airmail shipping worldwide (save $5)]

Time to reveal the contents of MRCD11 - This One Goes To... Eleven
The compilation will be ready for shipping September 23, alongside the two MRR releases House Of Shakira and Faith Circus.

All 3 titles will be available to purchase at MelodicRockFest 3 September 27-29 in Arlington Heights, IL (www.melodicrockfest.com). So save on shipping if you are coming along - those buying at MRF will also get access to the bonus tracks on offer.

You can pre-order MRCD11 NOW!

The track details are as follows:

01. Degreed – Saving My Soul (Exclusive New Track) MP3 Sample
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation!

02. Erik Martensson – Bullet in The Gun (Exclusive Unreleased) MP3 Sample
Erik's extended writers demo for the song that appeared on the latest Jimi Jamison album.

03. All I Know – Running Away (Exclusive New Track) MP3 Sample
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation! The band's new album coming soon!

04. Alessandro Del Vecchio – Fever Dreams (Exclusive Unreleased) MP3 Sample
Ale's original writers demo for the Hardline album, spruced up for MRCD11!

05. Jimmy Lawrence – The Hard Way (Exclusive Unreleased) MP3 Sample
A monster exclusive unreleased AOR anthem from Jimmy that is co-written by and features Randy Goodrum.

06. John Waite – Chasing Down The Wind (Exclusive Unreleased) MP3 Sample
Another monster exclusive - this killer ballad from John was written and recorded with Jesse Harms.

07. Beggars & Thieves – Gypsy MP3 Sample
Previously unavailable except for an old MTM Music compilation.

08. House Of Shakira – Shell Shock (Exclusive New Track) MP3 Sample
Brand new track, recorded during the new album sessions. Exclusive for this compilation!

09. Ferreira – Night To Remember (New Preview Track) MP3 Sample
Brand new track from Marc Ferreira - from the new Ferreira album coming November.

10. Windup Rocket – Thankful Heart (New Preview Track) MP3 Sample
New Preview Track from album due in 2014.

11. N.O.W. – It's Too Much (Exclusive Unreleased) MP3 Sample
Unreleased track, exclusive for this compilation!

12. Marc Scherer – Sending My Love (Exclusive Unreleased) MP3 Sample
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation! Marc's version (with Jim Peterik) of the recent Pride Of Lions tune.

13. The Radio Sun – World's Crazy Now (New Preview Track) MP3 Sample
New preview track - great things to come from these Aussie AOR lads.

14. Brunner – Riding High feat. Paul Shortino (Exclusive New Track) MP3 Sample
Brand new track, exclusive for this compilation!

15. Bill Leverty – Ace Bandage MP3 Sample
Brand new track, from Bill's upcoming solo album.

16. Mad Max – Deal With It (Exclusive New Track) MP3 Sample
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation!

17. Ron Keel – The Cowboy Road (Preview Track, Exclusive Version) MP3 Sample
Brand new track, exclusive extended version for this compilation! From Ron's upcoming solo album.

18. Bonrud – In Your Arms Again (Exclusive Unreleased) MP3 Sample
Previously Unreleased, from the last album sessions.

House Of Shakira
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Bonus MP3 Download Track:
- Shell Shock (Unreleased)

House Of Shakira + MRCD11
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It΄s not yet 18 months since their critically acclaimed House Of Shakira album "HoS" hit the market, but the band has been working on a sequel ever since. It΄s about time to let the new opus "Pay to Play" see the light of day. And MelodicRock Records is going to be the label to deliver this new classic to the masses.

The upcoming seventh studio release marks the second CD with lead singer Andreas Novak, and is accordingly their best album so far. The band chose a small label, in order to maintain highest priority throughout the process, instead of falling between the lines in the hands of a bigger label.

Says frontman Andreas Novak: "MelodicRock Records is our weapon of choice, whose enthusiasm we trust with our lives. I'm proud to say this is by far the best release I've ever been involved in. This album has been a true pleasure and walk in the park to compose, since we're immune to pressure. It΄s all for the love of good music. Fame and fortune should not be anybody's goal - then it becomes an obstacle instead.
We just wanna play."

· 01. Pay To Play
· 02. Bending The Law
· 03. All You Want
· 04. When The Cats Away
· 05. Dopamine Junkie
· 06. Draw The Line
· 07. Dog Eat Dog
· 08. Give Me More
· 09. Tried And True
· 10. Talk Of The Town
· 11. Two Things
· 12. Same Old Story

Faith Circus
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MRCD11 + Faith Circus
[$30 (save $2) + $7 airmail shipping worldwide (save $3)]

Faith Circus and their new album Turn Up The Band - due September 23 is now available for pre-order.

The MRR release of Faith Circus Turn Up The Band will feature some real bonus material for fans!
First - there is the brand new 10 track studio album which will build on what the debut album offered back in 2008. But not only that - for those purchasing the CD release - you will get the band's debut album as a bonus disc - totally re-mixed from the original release and featuring two additional bonus tracks (13 songs total). The songs are "Heroes" and a remake of the 1981 classic James Bond tune "For Your Eyes Only" - this time sung as a duet with the insanely talented Robin Beck!

Andrew McNeice: "I love the enthusiasm and the energy of these guys. And I love the attitude of the songs on this new album. In your face at all times, even when bringing it down a notch for a few really melodic numbers – and one monster ballad! The best of both world's on this album - attitude and melody. Looking forward to delivering it into the hands of those that loved the debut and a swag of new fans also."

The Faith Circus album will be released September 23 and is distributed by Cargo Records UK.