A 20 questions Interview

Hi Tony, tell us all about the band, and the line up?
Gus Adrian Gabarrò Vocals
Tony Mad Fontò Guitar
BB Nick Savio Guitar
Fabio Pozzato Bass
Alex Mantiero Drum
About the story of the Band you can look in the home page: http://users.iol.it/white_skull

How long have you been together?
A lot of years, sometimes one member change for personal reason, but Me, Fabio and Alex are together since '90s.

What is the best description for the musical style of White Skull?
Power Metal! And no other discussion.

Who did the artwork for the amazing CD cover?
Diego Ferrarin, the same art-worker for all the White Skull's cover. He is a professional drawer. He have drawn a lot of cover for other some bands especially for the Underground Symphony's Band.

First album ever bought?
[Not answered]

Biggest musical influence over career?
Iron Maiden.

What other bands have you played in?
Grave Digger, Saxon, Overkill, UDO, Doro, Uriah Heep and more... a lot of experience with other bands.

Last album bought and what is on your current playlist?
The last is HALFORD Crucible, on the play list the best is Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast.

Favorite album recorded or project you have worked on?
Officially I've worked only in the White Skull Work, the Best? The last one..

Where do you live and the best thing about it?
Our city is Vicenza, North-est Italy. I like because is quite, warm and we have a lot of things around this city, sea, lake, mountain, Venice, good wine, and so on...

Best live experience - either playing in or witnessing....
Play on tour with Grave Digger was a big experience, to play at festival is really nice too, but every show is good.

Is music your full time occupation?
Yes, I have a recording studio now, in Vicenza. I work there with Nick...

Best thing about playing music for a living?!!
Play Live!

Worst musical experience?
I haven't, I like all.

Best thing about the Internet and e-mail?
To stay in contact with all the people that write to the Band, is a really quick way to exchange photos, post and so on. I hate to download songs...

Biggest personal loss as a result of doing what you do (music)?

Biggest gain as a result of doing what you do?

Best piece of advice ever given?
All the advices received from our Manager/Friend Chris Boltendahl
from Grave Digger.

Favorite track on The Dark Age?
All... ha ha ha… The Dark Age, The Edict and Grand Inquisitor

Next project planned?
Play Live and start to write a new album.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!!
Thanx to you. Stay Metal
Tony Mad