Unruly Child: A fresh start with a new voice.

Unruly Child are back with 2 new releases - a demos/unreleased compilation and a brand new studio album featuring singer # 3 for the band - but the guys are happy and are set to continue as a band, using this release as their fresh start.
I caught up with Bruce and Guy online for a different way of conducting an interview, chatting away using AOL's Instant Messenger.

Andrew: G'Day Bruce and Guy!
Guy: Hello Andrew good to finally chat!
Bruce: Hey Andrew
Andrew: Thanks for taking the time out for this interview.
Bruce: How do you want to start?
Guy: How 'bout a beer first?!
Bruce: Ok
Andrew: I just had breakfast, so I'll pass on the beer for now! So you guys have 2 albums out in 2 months...that's not a bad way to go!
Guy: That was kinda an accident really...
Andrew: The Basement Demos is a cool idea for a release. How did it come about?
Guy: There's this guy named Dan Friml who designed and maintains the Unruly Child Website...I asked him a year ago to find out if the fans would like to hear some of the old demos...
Bruce: Then Frontiers called me to do a project, and Guy and I wanted to do another Unruly Child Record.
Guy: So we concentrated on the album first with the thought in mind that it would also be nice to release the demos around the same time.
Andrew: You timed it nicely...it was like, here's something classic for you fans, now let's introduce something new with the new album, with the UC ball already rolling.
Guy: The new album was actually finished before we even put together the old masters.
Andrew: Ok, cool....I was surprised at the high quality of these old masters...for a "demos" release, they sound amazing!
Guy: Thank you!
Bruce: We did them in my kitchen.
Andrew: Originally recorded them you mean?
Guy: These are not bad for the level of technology and expertise at the time ;-) The only thing that is new is the Re-Mastering
Andrew: Wow...came up sounding a million bucks...how many tracks were from the debut - or intended for the debut, and how many for the follow up that didn't happen?
Bruce: On The Rise, Long Hair Woman, Is It Over, Talk About Love, Take Me Down Nasty, Lay Down Your Arms…
Guy: Everything that we recorded in the beginning was a possibility for us, but you tend to record newer things and some songs just get pushed aside.
Even though "Down The Road" was an early recording, we had a feeling that it wasn't exactly right for the project at that time.
Andrew: Sure....cool track. As is Still Believe - should have been a hit single! There were a couple of tracks I wasn't familiar with - Live Without Love and True Love - when were they recorded?
Bruce: Let's Talk About Love was the first song we recorded.
Guy: "True Love" was an early one - I think that "Live Without Love" was for 12 Pound Sledge.
Andrew: I am a long time fan of Mark Free - which lead me to buy UC debut and become a fan of all you guys - I was surprised just how different these demos were - rawer, heavier....
Bruce: I thought we should have produced our records - always.
Andrew: Did Beau Hill gloss over it? UC was a super high-tech hard rock album...not many like it out there....
Guy: He did what he does, and it might have been different if it was left only to us. As it is, we called a lot of the shots in studio anyway...we were basically trying to redo the demos in a high priced studio.
Bruce: I hate the drum sound.
Andrew: Really?
Guy: I always wanted to hear the vocals louder...but that's another story.
Bruce: It's too processed!
Andrew: Yeah, I noticed that the demos CD features a mark Free I hadn't heard before....quite raw...
Guy: That was what we sounded like back then...that what we wanted to hear, that's what Bruce and I do!
Andrew: How many tracks recorded for the 12 Pound Sledge album?
Bruce: Maybe 8-10 songs and ideas.
Andrew: How about the DVD footage - what a great extra! Who's idea was that and how much footage did you have? And why was it recorded in the first place? A bigger plan, or just personal footage?
Guy: I walked around with a old video camera during the album, being a real pain in the ass! I used to document things back then a lot! Anyway I found the old footage a year ago and called Bruce to say " You should see this old stuff, what should we do with it"
Bruce: Then we thought it would be nice for the fans, to see us perform, since we never went on tour.
Guy: I couldn't believe we actually had live footage, very lucky!
Bruce: I was surprised to see how good we were.
Guy: There were great moments there so I thought that it would be cool to put together a small scale DVD just for Bruce and I, we liked it so much that we sent it to Frontiers
They liked the format and decided to print copies for distribution...
Andrew: I loved it...a unique insight if you will.
Guy: We thought it also be a great opportunity to set the record straight with the interview between Bruce and myself.
Andrew: You had one of the best rock singers in the business...how difficult was it to lose such a frontman?
Bruce: I will always say that Mark Free is one of the best singers ever; it's a shame…meaning me and Mark drifted apart.
Guy: Yeah it was a drag to let it go...Mark's one of the best for sure!
Andrew: Yeah, I still swap e-mails with Marcie.....she did wish you guys all the best, when she saw the news of the demos release.
Bruce: Well we wish her well too!
Andrew: Was it all over for UC by the time Mark made the lifestyle change?
Bruce: Yeah
Guy: This lifestyle change wasn't all of a sudden really.
Bruce: It all go too much.
Andrew: So it was several years between albums and Waiting For The Sun came along....What prompted you to do a new album together at that stage?
Bruce: At that time I was working with Kelly & Jay and MTM offered a deal.
Guy: When Bruce was offered to do the new UC album I was on the road a lot, so I couldn't participate except on a songwriting level...We're always writing together and a lot of the material that I co-wrote was already there from another time.
Andrew: Kelly did a good job on vocals for the WFTS record...although it wasn't Mark...how was it working with a new singer?
Bruce: Kelly's great and fun, for the time, now were at a new point. It always makes it exciting.
Guy: We're really lucky in that every singer that been part of the UC Legacy has delivered great performances. Phillip is no exception, one of the best I think! At the end of the day..what we realize is that as long as Bruce and I are creative forces together on an Unruly Child album it's going to be a lot of fun and a great sound!
Bruce: Yeah.
Andrew: Let's jump to the new record - how did Phillip come to your attention? I think he sounds great - a hybrid of Kelly's performance and Mark's - closer to Mark's voice....great job.
Bruce: I was producing his solo record. And we all meet - Guy Philip and I, and we wrote some great material.
Andrew: Great singer....diverse...I think UC3 is a very strong album and a fitting start to a new chapter
Bruce: I think so too!
Guy: When we got together we acknowledged that it would have to pick up where we left off, and Phillip was going have to sing "Balls to the wall"!
Bruce: Now that Guy and I have better studios, it's at a new level.
Andrew: You guys obviously invested in your own studio set ups...how has that helped you?
Bruce: Yeah on a creative level yes.
Guy: If you want to write music it's the only way to go! Bruce has been amazing me with his production chops over the years...he just keeps getting better...right honey?
Bruce: How much do I owe you?!
Andrew: LOL. Better than hiring a studio and rushing an album thru in 2 weeks, as that's all you can afford!
Guy: yeah, it really let's you get creative too.
Bruce: We spent about 3 months to do it, in the old days that would be about $50,000
Guy: Maybe $100,000
Bruce: Maybe $150,000
Guy: When you factor the time it used to take just to roll joints...
Bruce: I love that!! haha
Andrew: When were the tracks for this album written, mostly new tracks I see....I don't have writer credits yet...
Guy: We did just about all the writing in 10 days! Give or take...
Andrew: So you guys also handled all the musical parts - drums included....do you still talk to Jay? Was there a chance he would play on this?
Bruce: Jay is working with Kelly they have a partnership like Guy and I. Hurricane I mean
Andrew: Of course....
Guy: He was very busy doing his thing...so we had to fend for ourselves.
Andrew: So not so long between albums next time then?
Guy: We actually would like to do more of this, now we're back on a roll!
Bruce: We're already talking about a new record.
Guy: I get to play all the guitars though, right Bruce...Bruce?
Bruce: I played all the keys and bass and drums!!! LOL
Guy: I did the hair and makeup, though.
Bruce: :-)
Andrew: Well, I hope so...as I am enjoying UC3 a lot and you guys have a great chemistry.
Guy: The world's oldest living 12 year olds!
Bruce: We do have fun which it's important.
Andrew: Any other projects on the go?
Bruce: I also produced and band Marcus Eaton and The Lobby coming out on Universal.
Andrew: What style of music there?
Bruce: Dave Mathews meets Phish.
Andrew: Ok...modern rock stuff then...
Guy: I'm working for the CIA right now and can't really talk about it...very hush, hush you know :-)
Andrew: CIA, very cool...LOL Anything you would change about the past - looking back now?
Bruce: I wouldn't have spent all my money.
Guy: What money! We've been asked about the current Heavy/Pop/Metal scene...and we don't know what to say...cause we're kinda out of the loop there.
Guy: You got money!?
Bruce: That's right.
Guy: Mmm…maybe release the UC1 album 2 years earlier!?
Andrew: Yep...5x platinum....how many did it sell anyway?
Guy: That might have made a dif... huh Bruce?!
Bruce: And I wished that we had a chance to produce our own music back when.
Guy: I think it went Paper…We never really found out about that.
Andrew: Sounds familiar...
Bruce: Things are meant to be.
Guy: To tell you the truth we were amazed with this cult following, didn't expect that at all!!!
Andrew: Any chance you might ever work with Marcie? I hear she has been setting up her own home studio....for what I don't know...but...
Guy: We would love to, actually asked her before the new album...
Andrew: Really?
Guy: Oh yeah, I called and had a good chat with her about it!
Bruce: Guy and I have talked maybe a final record with Marcie - UCIV
Guy: He means next not final...;-)
Andrew: Good clarification :-)
Bruce: Honestly we love the new record too, what if this is the best UC
Andrew: Yes, don't get me wrong, I definitely want to hear a second UC album with Phillip up front...I just want to hear more records from you guys :-) And you are right, there is a cult following that also want more...
Bruce: With the budgets getting so low, we may have to put out our own records…It's just getting harder. Hopefully we'll make more records with Frontiers.
Guy: We're in a good place!
Andrew: I'm sure they will treat you well, as you are a good artist to have on board! That's about it I think guys....anything you would like to add?
Bruce: Thank You
Guy: We really want to see how this does, it's really exciting to know that there's people out there who like what we do!
Bruce: Take care.
Guy: Thank you very much Andrew.
Andrew: Great talking (typing) at you!
Guy: Bye!