August 1998

An Interview with Steam founder and guitarist Peter Scheithauer.

So how long was this project in development?
Stream is my solo project. It exists for the last 10 years but for this CD it happens by the end of 1996.

Who wrote the songs?
I wrote the main riffs except Camouflage. And after Bob helped me to arrange and added some parts like lead breaks, end of songs. David did all
the lyrics/melodies. Camouflage was two different riff that Eric had on a
tape we made a song out of it and added different parts. The instrumental
is totally different I wrote 100% of it, it's an old session that the label liked.

What did you have in mind to achieve in the beginning?
Right from the beginning Stream is my project and my goal is to play with people that I admire. Plus I wanted to find a way to have different influences on one CD kind of the 70's meets the 80's meets the 90's. All the musicians I played in Stream with I own their CD's saw them live when I was a teenager. I'm very fortunate to have the possiblity to play with those guys.

How did the other guys get involved? Have you known them for long?
I knew Eric through Dave Spitz and when it was time for me to record Stream I called Eric if he would have time to play on this record.The timing was perfect and he asked me who might play on bass.Than he asked me if I would be interested to play with Bob Daisley. I saw Bob with Gary Moore, Ozzy and had Ozzy, Rainbow and Uriah heep CD's so you could imagine what would be my answer. At the end we needed a singer and I asked Bob if he kew David as well as I asked Chuck Wright than I called David, we tried two songs and everything was ready to rock.

How about Eric Singer's involvement?
Eric is a guest on my record I always wanted to make a record with him because I think he's one of the best hard rock drummer ever. We are good friends and i'm thanksfull that he played on my record.

The album is incedibly heavy! Was that the sound that you were after? Heavy and modern, yet it retains plenty of melodies.
I was looking to get a mixed of the heavyness of the 90's with the 80's melodies and the creativity of the 70's. I think I did a big step to this direction or at least I hope.

What other albums have you worked on, if any?
I did two other Stream before. More melodic. Plus an album with a band
(which was more hard rock / blues oriented ) called Lazylly.
One of the Stream was a band with Bodo Schopf (MSG).The other was with a
lot of guests.

And are there any plans for Stream to play some live dates?
I don't think I'm gonna tour with this Stream but who knows? It will depend on the sales hopefully you'll see Stream on tour. With the next one most definitely a tour will be pending.

How about plans for a US release?
Yes it will be release in the US by Saraya recording in a few days as
well as the second Stream with David Reece, Dave Spitz, Stet Howland, Jay Schellen.

Any favourite tunes from the album. I still like the first track best...
I love Snake Eyed Moon, Chasin' The Dragon and Bed of Fire.

What are you listening to right now? And what influences you?
A lot of old bands like Kiss, Angel, Judas Priest....
But right now I'm more into heavy stuff like Pantera, the new Slayer, the
new Priest...
I listen to a lot of music from Pantera to Foreigner.

And what musical challenge is next for yourself?
Well I have a band with Joey Belladonna (Anthrax). I already wrote all the music and we are actually in the studio.
It's a lot of heavy riffs a la Megadeth, Metallica, Priest with melodic vocals.
On drums you'll find Stet Howland (WASP) who's (to me) the Keith Moon of the 90's. It's a real band we 'll be on tour.We kept
the name Belladonna but fortunately it has nothing to do with the old band and music.It's very fresh and I can't wait for people to hear it. It will be release by the end of October follow by a tour.

Any chance of another Sream record or was this a one off project?
A new Stream?

Sure by the beginning of next year you should be able to hear it. It's gonna be more melodic with a strong 80's vibe. It's gonna be a different line up but may be not 100% different. Wait and see......

And will the line up stay the same or is that undetermined until the time it happens?
The second Stream will be with David Reece, Dave Spitz, Stet Howland, Jay Schellen......