Steve West

Let's go to the Danger Danger album first - when you started recording this album, did you anticipate it taking this long?
No. With us, it takes as long as it takes. We're never quick at anything.

What did you and the guys have in mind when writing and recording this
album? Was there a set goal?

There was a little pressure because 'Four' was received better than we had
expected. We rarely got great reviews for our earlier stuff but critics around the globe all gave 'Four' high praise. It felt good. We felt rejuvenated. We really came to peace with who Danger Danger is and what we're all about. We decided to be the best D2 that we could. That meant great, hard melodic AOR rock. Well crafted songs with great lyrics and music. Lots of melody. Songs you will remember forever. Like our first album but keeping a modern edge as well. We don't want to live in the past, either.

Did you achieve that?
I think so. At least from the response we've gotten so far. Obviously, you
think this record is better than 4 so that means a lot. The fans are
ecstatic. We're pleased. I think some of the best material we have ever done
is on this record. That's a good feeling 11 years and 6 records down the
road. It's nice to know that we're as vital today as we were when we released
our first album.

I love the album as you know, has there been any other feedback yet, even at this early stage?
Masa Itoh, the most revered critic in Japan digs the record and gives it high praise. He thinks we finally hit our stride. That means a lot to us. The Italian press is really diggin' it. We've done more interviews for Italy on this record than we have for all our previous released together. So far, everyone has said great things. We're really fortunate and thankful. The fans love it! That's really the most important thing, though. Just check out the posts on our web board.

What touring plans have you got for the album?
We're in the process of planning dates for Europe in April. Possibly Japan and a U.S. tour this summer.

I won't even ask you about Australia!! haha.
It's a shame. We have so many great fans that write me from Oz and we feel like we've let 'em down 'cos we've never been there. Hey, if some promoter wanted us to come over and play, we'd be there in a heartbeat. We're still waiting for that call. Maybe if you and all our great Aussie fans got together and demanded someone to book us, it could happen. There certainly are enough of them. Do us a favor and start a petition or some kind of drive to get us there. A bet it could happen if someone took up the cause.

Tell us about Gildersleeves..for those that don't have the CD yet or haven't read the extensive liner notes - where does the title come from?
It was the name of a club that Bruno and I use to frequent when we were teenagers back in the '70's. It was the first place I saw bands doing original material. It blew my mind. The music, the fashion, the whole scene changed my life. It was so rock and roll.

What about the album cover? Who's idea was that?
That was Bruno's idea. I wanted to put the picture of the club on the cover.
We wanted to get a picture of the building the way it is now so we went there and took some pictures. While we were there one night we decided to take shots of the city looking straight uptown on the Bowery. We were standing in the middle of the Bowery right in front of Gildersleeves and Bruno was cliciking away at the city. That's the Empire State building on the cover in the distance. It's New York City and it's home.

The album is even better produced and mixed than the last one - who's going to take credit for that?!
Bruno! When we did 4, he had never mixed a full album before. I told him he had to start sometime, so he did. He mixed 4 in literally a box. That was the size of our last studio. I'm amazed it sounds as good as it does. I said, don't sweat it, you'll get better with each album you mix and he certainly has. My nickname for him has always been the ''Mutt Lange'' of Queens.
Although he now resides on the Island of Long.

There are numerous effects sown into the music - tracks like Six Million Dollar Man, She's Gone and When She's Good. Who's idea was this?
That's Paul on Six Million. Lance Quinn who produced our first album had a
lot to do with all the keyboards and effects on the album. He's a mad
scientist. Bruno as well.

They really work well with the context of the album, makes it sound like a big Def Leppard style production. Very cool....
Thats cool. But in deference to Def Leppard, we're big Mutt Lange fans. I consider Def Leppard a contemporary of ours. Mutt is the shit! We've been diggin' him since Tycoon, Roman Holiday,etc. The man knows how to write and produce a tune. Thank you for the compliment!

And you have a monster drum sound also....
Thanks. We tried to move away from the '90s small drum sound and get back to puttin' some big drums in the mix.

You re-recorded 2 tracks from Cockroach again - When She's Good and Walk It Like You Talk It...bloody great versions, much better than the originals.
Is this because you now know more than you used to? Any other reasons these sound so good now?

Thanks again! I hope we know more now.

You guys all play your asses off on this album. Congratulations!
What did you think of each other's performances?

I think everyone did a great job. Especially Paul, with his vocals. The man can sing!

What are your favourite tracks of the album?
Dead Drunk & Wasted, Cherry Cherry, Six Million Dollar Man and She's Gone.

What was the hardest part of the recording process?
Getting the arrangements together.

And how about the best part of the process?

Back a little to Four The Hard Way - looking back, are you happy with the response to that album?
We were more than happy.

How about the sales? Did they reach your expectations/hopes?
We don't play those games anymore. It takes it toll. We make 'em and put 'em
out and as long as our fans dig 'em, we're happy. Would I like to sell a
million records? Of course, but we don't obssess with that anymore. It's

Any tracks from Gildersleeves you are all looking forward to playing live?
Most of them. I love playing new shit.

Ok guys, the hard part - what is the best thing each of the other guys
bring to the band?

Paul brings his voice which I love. Bruno brings his musical ability which I
really rely on. The guy is a monster. He can do it all. And obviously his
techinical skills as an engineer.

Future plans?

I know you don't want to hear this - especially on the eve of the release
of the current album...but when might the next one be started?

The next one we'll release is ''cockroach.'' Both versions. One with Ted
singing and one with Paul. That will be out in May.

When you have obviously put so much sweat and tears into a project, how do you guys feel when idiots like myself immediately start asking about the next project?
When you stop asking, that's when I'll worry!