So Mike, in 2002 we will see your lead vocals on 3 different releases for three different labels - congratulations - that's pretty impressive!
Jaded Heart, Rain and of course your cool solo album for Z Records...
Is it a reality for a full time melodic rock musician in 2002 to have to seek other avenues to record and earn money, outside their main gig?
No, not really! My solo thing I have been pushing from year to year aside. This was planed for soooo many years. I recorded most of the tracks already 2 years ago. Rain was more or less a coincidence. I met the guys summer ´97 on Rhodes, where I sing every summer for a couple of weeks, and we recorded over the last 4 years this album. So all in all in was a coincidence that all those albums come out the same time. The different companies, because each of them was interested in the particular thing, that they have signed in the end!

Just purely for the love of the craft then?
You know, I´m what you call a fullblood musician. I write and record constantly. I do love it.
This is my life. But I must admit, that there's a bit more heart in my solo stuff. As you can hear, this is the other Michael. And I have still more sides. The good thing about solo is, that no one can put you in a particular drawer. You're not forced to go directions, which is great.

Your solo album is a great listen - it's quite a change in pace compared to Jaded Heart for instance...being a more laid back acoustic driven album...
Yeah, that´s true. I didn´t wanna have a Jaded Heart-Album or something that I did before. Solo means different, for my taste! You can hear that, right?!

You already touched on this, but when did you write, record and complete the album?
I wrote most of the songs I guess between ´97 and ´99. In the beginning of 2000 I went into my studio for about 10 days to record and mix everything.

Did you have a style in mind, or was it formed out of the songs you wrote?
No, I had no style in mind. I knew, that it shouldn´t be based on electric guitars and stuff. I wanted the songs more like acoustic numbers. Songs that you easily could sing in front of a fireplace or so.

Do you plan to play any solo gigs around the release of the album? Maybe acoustic gigs?
To be honest, no. This album had to be recorded for my own pleasure, nothing else.
I had no intension in a solo career. So I don´t see life gigs with it. But, never say never!
Sure would be funny!

Is it refreshing to have a source to express yourself outside that of Jaded Heart?
Again, it´s great for me to show people, that I´m not only some Hard rock-singer. I makes me kinda proud to show people about all my musical skills. Most of the people don't even know, that I write all Jaded-stuff, too. Yes, for me it is a bit refreshing.

Jaded Heart had several years on various labels, lately with MTM - how would you describe the difference between labels?
We never been with a major label, but still there´s differences between ALL labels, I can tell ya!
What I can say so far is, that we´re damn happy, that we partnered with MTM in the beginning. They made the stone rolling. But now, after almost 3 years, we're so glad to separate from the same label. We had too much trouble in the end!

You were originally going to track the album with Bobby Barth I thought. Why the decision to remain in Europe?
Because of the missing budget and the trouble with MTM. We would have liked and everything was set and done already, but………………………loooooong story!

The songs sound as strong and as powerful as the last well received record - are you happy with the result?
All in all yes. I guess, there´s no album 100% the way you want it. The recording session was not as funny this time. We´ve been in a small village, with no chance of going out. Every bar finished around 11p.m.. Most of the time I was alone. Because of the tight budget, we coudn´t afford the rooms to the studio. During each recordings the rooms were free, but after…… Unfortunately everybody had to leave after his recordings.

On the last two albums you have thrown in an interesting cover version. Just having a little fun?
Yes, I like to fool around with it. I always try to grab songs, that already have a rock-character like “Easy Lover” or “Larger Than Life”. Help was a great version, my opinion, too. So, I try to not play just a cover, I try to give a personal touch.

Who chose the Backstreet Boys cover on this record?
Actualy, we all did. I had this song in my mind for some time. The new keyboardist suggested the same song and then we all agreed on LTL.

Any other songs you would like to rock up, given the chance?
I always wanted “What A Feeling” (as long as Easy Lover), it was supposed to be on this record, but then, the same time we did the demos, a hip hop-version became huge here, so I dropped it.

It's taken a few years to get the Rain project finished and signed - happy to finally see it out there?
I am. I think it's great songs. I really love them. It´s great to sing those tunes.
it was a nightmare to get started. Everybody refused to sign it. Now, finally, the album
what it deserves. A release!

is another sound again for you - a moodier darker rock sound. How would you rate this album in your catalogue?
Ha! Don´t know. Melodic Rock ala Bon Jovi, just with a better singer……ha, ha (just kidding)

And what is next for Michael Bormann? What projects might we see you involved in later this year and in 2003?
Not sure, but there´s a whole lotta things to do. Definitely I start first a new “CHARADE”, a bit of this, a bit of that. I plan different things, so watch out!

Will do Mike! Anything you would like to add?
No, only thank you so much for the interview. All the best for you, your site and all readers and rockers out there! In the name of music!

Cheers for taking the time to do this interview!

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