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Lost Weekend - August 2002

A 20 Questions Interview with Lost Weekend vocalist Paul Uttley.

For those that don't know, tell us all about the band, and the line up?
We are one of the UK's leading AOR hard rock bands. The line-up is: Paul Uttley - lead vocalist; David Thompson - lead guitar; Robin Patchett - bass guitar; Jack Himsworth - drums; Irvin Parratt - keyboards.

How long have you been together now?
The band has been together, except for our new keyboard player for eight years.

What is the best description for the musical style of Lost Weekend?
Catchy heavy riffs with strong melodic vocal lines.

Who did the artwork for the killer CD cover?
The artwork was created by Sebastian Kozak, he has done all our album covers, plus created our logo. We never interfere, just leave Seb to it and he always comes up with fantastic ideas. We are always over the moon with what he comes up with for the band.

First album ever bought?
Rainbow "Live On Stage"

Biggest musical influence over career?
Dio is still one of the finest singers ever to grace the rock arena, Coverdale, Paul Rodgers. The list is endless, there are stacks of great singers from all musical genres you can learn from everyone and anyone.

What other bands have you played in?
Various bands from cover bands to working with Jan Cyrtia, we just got to rehearsals stage when it all fell through for some many reasons. David has worked with Rhabstallion, Voyager UK and various other bands.

Last album bought and what is on your current playlist?
I’ve just bought the Doves new album, Grand Illusion and Mecca. We all buy bucket loads of CDs, quite an eclectic mix.

Favourite album recorded or project you have worked on?
The new album, New Religion. With every recording we have improved each time and that’s how it should be, you should always go forward.

Where do you live and the best thing about it?
We all live in Halifax, West Yorkshire. There is quite a good live scene.
Plus we are near to Manchester, Bradford and Leeds so we get to see some great live bands play. Harem Scarem at the Gods blew us all away, we’ve all waited so long to see them and they were awesome. Hope to get a chance to be on the same bill as them sometime.

Best live experience - either playing in or witnessing...
We’ve played some blinding gigs over the years. Our best moments so far probably some of the supports we’ve done at Bradford’s Rios for bands like Son Of A Bitch, Wishbone Ash and Tyla.

Is music your full time occupation?
We all work full time jobs but you never know if enough people buy the album we might be able to look at that situation, but the industry is very hard and with so many bands out there it’s always gonna be tough. We do make some money here and there but we plough it all back into the band so as to buy new gear or whatever.

Worst musical experience?
I was once playing in a cover band and was singing the song “Don’t Look Down” by Go West. I jumped off the stage onto the dance floor and when I went to jump back on th stage I caught my knee and went sprawling onto the stage. The rest of the band nearly pissed themselves laughing.

Best thing about the Internet and e-mail?
Getting a chance to look at all the great sites and being able to talk and leave messages and find out whats hot and whats not in the music world.

Biggest personal loss as a result of doing what you do (music)?
We all have incredible wifes and girlfriends who love the band and the gigs. Plus they don’t have a choice ­ only joking!

Biggest gain as a result of doing what you do?
People enjoying our music and getting a chance to play live.

Can you tell us a little about each track on New Religion....
The first two tracks, Who’s The One and Feed On Emotion are mid tempo rock songs with great choruses.
Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind is a great uptempo rock song about a couple of friends of mine who got together after some problems.
By Now is a nice love ballad, Shinning Star is a stunning song about a little girl we know who’s gone through the mill and came out smiling.
The title track is a great driving rock song, All Alone very much in the Thunder, Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive rock ballad.
Dead In The Water very much early Coverdale style, bluesy rock.
Faith uplifting catchy rock come gospel style in the middle.
Once In A Moment a hard driving rock song, Who’s Heart great mid tempo, the opening is ace! Your Not The One a fantastic ballad stripped bare.

Favorite track on the New Religion album?
All in all I think we have a great collection of songs. We really like all of them, we don’t think there’s a filler on there.

Next project planned?
Promote the album and get out and play some shows. Hopefully some decent supports with bigger bands. We are also commencing work on the forth album, we already have a lot of material to get stuck into.

Thank you for the questions, we hope we’ve made some sense!
Paul Uttley & Lost Weekend