Bruno Ravel

It's been a busy couple of years for you mate - first with Westworld and
the new Danger Danger, plus now Westworld 2 and the promotion and gigs for D2.
How do you find being busy?

I actually wish I was busiER!!...Danger Danger & Westworld take up only a
small portion of my time due to the nature of the whole '80's rock scene in
the year 2000. It's very limited.
The rest is spent working on other musical related endeavors that most likely
will be my main gig in the future.

OK. Let's go to the Danger Danger album first - when you started recording this album, did you anticipate it taking this long?
Well, in hindsight I should have expected it, but no. I never thought it'd
take as long as it did.

What did you and the guys have in mind when writing and recording this
album? Was there a set goal?

There really was no set "goal" other than to make sure that we had some great
material and that we stayed true to our "melodic" roots.

Did you achieve that?
I think we did...I think it came out great under the circumstances and I'm really happy with it.

I love the album as you know, has there been any other feedback yet, even at this early stage?
The feedback has been very positive for the most part. Everyone seems to like it.

What touring plans have you got for the album?
Our touring plans are as always, governed by the "touring gods". It's up to
scheduling, demand and finances.

I presume the US during the summer will happen...what about areas outside the US, like Europe?
We love to tour. We wish we could tour like we used to back in "The day", but the demand for D2 shows is somewhat limited, so we rely on our fans and our record companies abroad to get us there. We hope to be touring in Europe sometime this summer as well as some stateside shows following...As for Japan & other territories?...We'll see what happens...

I won't even ask you about Australia!! haha.
You're our biggest supporter in Australia!!..C'mon!!..Get us over there!!..we'll play for free!!

Haha..great..the pressure is on now!
Tell us about Gildersleeves..for those that haven't got the CD yet or haven't read the extensive liner notes - where does the title come from? Sick of that question yet?
Not sick of the question...YET.
"The Great Gildersleeves" was a rock club in NYC that I frequented when I was
growing up . I started going there when I was 14!! and continued for years until they closed down. It was a great scene. It gave me the bug to become a rock musician. Sure, I loved to play and loved music but hanging out in this club was like being backstage at a concert. Totally decadent, trashy and cool. I wish I could go back, even for one night.

What about the album cover? Who's idea was that?
The cover was my idea. I actually shot the picture with Steve as my assistant. It's the street that Gildersleeves was located on. I wanted to give it that "Night time in the Bowery (NYC)" look.

The album is even better produced and mixed than the last one - who's going to take credit for that?!
Well, thank you again.....We were all involved with the "production" of the
album. That means that we all contributed musical parts to every song,
however, It was myself that was overseeing the project.
I also mixed the album. I'd call up a mix, tweak it, then Steve would come to the studio, make his comments, I'd make some final moves and voila......

There are numerous effects sown into the music - tracks like Six Million Dollar Man, She's Gone and When She's Good. Who's idea was this?
It's different on each song. On "6 Million Dollar Man" the voice intro was solely Paul's idea. It was on his demo of the song, and I loved it and decided to put it on the album. "When She's Good", and "She's Gone" were my ideas with lots of help from Lance Quinn.

They really work well with the context of the album, makes it sound like a big Def Leppard style production. Very cool....
God!..You are SO KIND!..I should keep you around to boost my ego!.. Mutt Lange is my idol as far as a songwriter/producer and Bob Rock is my "sonic rock" God. Since D2 is on the hard side of melodic rock, I try to get somewhere in between the over the top, bombastic Def Leppard/Mutt production and the energy and aggressiveness of a Bob Rock mix....of course with a fraction of the studio knowledge and equipment!!

Bruno, you have a monster guitar and bass sound on the album. Firstly - how do you achieve this sound and secondly, how do you enjoy playing those good hard guitar chops & solo's as apposed to the bass?
Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU AGAIN!!..=]
There's nothing that special about the way we get our guitar & bass sounds.... Great Instruments, Mic Pre's, Compressors, Mikes and a great room...
As for my liking playing the Guitar and Bass? Well I would have rather had Andy or Tony do the guitar work and leave the bass to me, but sometimes it's easier to just do it yourself rather than try to communicate your ideas to others and hope that they understand where you want to go with it. Most of the solos were done by Andy & Tony with the exception of 2 that I played, and one that Paul played. I would have liked for Andy or Tony to do them all because Andy & Tony are 2 of the best guitarists in the world and I never have to worry myself with anything they play. It's all good.

And Steve has a monster drum sound also....
How many times do I have to keep thanking you??!!!..

Haha...no more, really!
We recorded Steves drums basically the same way we did on "4"...went into a
nice sounding room and let him fly.

You take up lead vocals on Cherry Cherry. Tell us a little about that

Ahh Yes. "Cherry Cherry"....
One never knows when they'll be recording their last record, and I for one
always wanted to try to sing one song on a D2 record before we call it a day.
So on this record, I was looking for a song for me to sing. I originally
wanted to sing "Dead Drunk & Wasted", but that song is too good for me to
ruin, so I decided to try "Cherry".

Was it fun to take lead for a change?
Lots of fun..I sang that track with no one around, in my underwear...and
finished it in about an hour. Wish every song would go that smoothly.

I thought the song really fitted your voice and it was immediately
catchy....Are we likely to see more Bruno vocals or a solo album perhaps?

Thanks again....as for me singing again?..One never knows...Btw, you just
opened a rather large can of worms!..=]

What deal have you in place for the US release of Gildersleeves, besides
your website/online sales?

We have distribution through "Sumthin" Distribution..It'll be in all major
stores and if it's not, just ask them to order it and they will.

You re-recorded 2 tracks from Cockroach again - When She's Good and Walk It Like You Talk It...bloody great versions, I think they are much better than the originals.
Is this because you now know more than you used to? Any other reasons these sound so good now?

I don't think that there's one song that I've ever recorded that I wouldn't
tweak now, or scrap and re-record..When you have a chance to listen to something over the years, you always say to yourself..."I'd love to do THAT over",
or..."This part would have made that song a lot better" etc, etc..
Also, when we recorded those records, I knew squat about recording and now I
know a little more about how to achieve what I want to.

There was talk of you re-recording a popular live favourite Shot Of Love....why was that left off this time?
We started recording it, but it was just a little too sweet for this record.
It didn't fit quite as well as the rest of the tracks, so we put it on ice.

Sure, I can see that. Speaking of that album, I guess I should ask you when the Cockroach album will see the light of day?
We have recently obtained the rights to the "Cockroach" sessions, so it will
be released this summer. Check out website for the latest on that.

And will both versions be released?

When did Sony finally give in and hand the rights back? What do you think caused their change of heart?
No change of heart..we finally cut through all the red tape and found the
right person at Sony to deal with..After that, everything went smoothly.

OK Bruno, how about Westworld then? How did you get involved in that?
The producer for that project (Paul Orofino) and I are long time friends.
They already had a different rhythm section in place, but were having
problems with them so Paul suggested myself and John (O'Reilly). I already
knew Tony Harnell and was a huge Riot fan when I was a teen and actually saw
them play when I was 15, so I was curious. I went to the studio and it seemed
like it'd be fun and a no pressure situation, so I agreed.

The album was met with a lot of excitement and some great reviews. What
were the group's goals going into that project?

Tony & Mark are the vision behind Westworld. I think they started the band to
give themselves a release from TNT & Riot. The "goals" if any were to make a
great record and have fun with it.

Did it start off as a one album deal?
One, with options if it did well. I guess it did well enough, cause we just
finished another.

So what have you got lined up for album number 2? More of the same, or something a little different?
My part in the second Westworld album was just like the first one. I acted
first as a bassist, second as a mediator and as a producer. I basically "Trim
the fat". That's why Mark calls me "The Butcher". I arrange the tracks and if
something is terrible, we cut it. I do this while being sensitive to 3 other
egos. It's quite tricky at times. After I complete my bass tracks, Tony &
Mark do the rest adding parts, harmonies etc, etc. It's mostly their doing.
The new record I would say is pretty close to the first one with a few
surprises..you'll have to wait and see.

And is there the prospect of any live dates for Westworld?
Sure there is!...If we sell enough records, we'll play.

How about a Danger Danger / TNT / Westworld tour? HUGE!!!
I'm down with that tour!!....although I won't get laid cause I'll be on the
stage all night!!